Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday Morning

So I only have 13 days to go before the wedding.... and 5 lbs left to lose before I am under the 200 lbs mark!! Will I make it?? I'll let you know on the 25th! As for the pictures of the dresses.. I will post them NEXT monday and will start taking votes then! hmmmmmm will it be Velvet or Lace??

Today I am busting my butt..... I had a pretty laid back weekend with laying on the couch with my sick little girl, and I ate more then I should have... so I am doubling up on my workout this week. I want to make sure that by the 25th I will no longer be in the dreaded '200' zone. I also feel like I am chickening out a little bit by changing my goal weight from 140 to 160... so dang it... my goal is 135!!! And I will be celebrating that weight by 12/25/07!!! I realized after writing down the 100 things about me blog that I have been thru sooo much that I deserve to give myself the body I have always dreamed about! Go ahead Self... try to come up with an excuse.. .I dare ya!

My 29th birthday is right around the corner.. and the best birthday present I can think of giving myself is to be 160 lbs by April 25th.... or at least fit into my old wranglers!

My husband reached a goal this weekend... he has gained 20 lbs!! He is weight lifting and his dream body is to be like LL Cool J. He looks fantastic and I am really proud of him... especially the fact that he is now tobacco free!!!! Its great being able to kiss him whenever I want to without getting that awful taste of chew in my mouth... yuck!

So, now I am off to blog surf and then another round of Tae Bo!! Wooohooo!

Thanks for all the prayers for Bailey... she is doing better today. No fever!

Have a Blessed Day!


Fatinah said...

Ha - I just about bought LL's new fitness book just 'cause of the pictures - yum! How amazing that you're both on a quest for fitness. My honey talks about it often, but.....
Have a good workout!

Galen said...

I wouldn't mind having LL's kind of body...LOL.

I am glad to hear the fever's gone. That is always good news. And as for overeating while making sure she was comforted, I think that is an easily forgivable thing. Just don't overdo it this week.

Take care.