Thursday, January 11, 2007

Watching For A Sign

Good Morning... Well.. This is my 101st post. Unbelievable!! I cant believe I have written for so many days. It makes me feel confident that I can stick to this diet and finish this year right!

Anyway... it is another day of staying home and playing! My diet went great yesterday. I worked out TWICE... I did a Walk Away The Pounds dvd in the morning.. which is really a nice way to wake up... and a Tae Bo Bootcamp workout last night! I am feeling good today, so I might do them both again!

Have a Blessed Day... and here is Thursdays Devotional

Watching For A Sign

Others, to test him, kept demanding from him a sign from heaven -Luke 11:16

As we sipped our tea, my friend said, "If I'm really supposed to lose weight, why doesn't God give me a sign?"
God probably HAS given her a sign. At her last checkup, her blood pressure was high and she was found to be hovering at the edge of diabetes. God was surely speaking through her test results.
Mayber our first sign from God comes when we can't button up our jeans or when we look awful in a favorite dress. Most of us don't see those events as heavenly messages, because we think God has to speak through the thunder, or send down some handwritting on the wall. The trick is recognizing signs in everyday things and events, and remembering that God is always nearby, always sending words fo encouragment and direction.

For Further Reflection:
On a journal page, list the ways God has already shown you that you need to examine your relationship with food. Then list the ways you plan to respond to God's signs.

Open my eyes and ears, my God, so that I may see what you hold in store for me. Amen


Michelle @ The 2007 Challenge said...

Thank you so much! God gave me a sign when I spent 7 hours in the emergency room last February thinking I was having a heart attack!! But of course, did I listen to him then? NO! But I sure am now!!

Fatinah said...

wow - you're a workout maniac! Way to go!

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

I agree... God's signs are often subtle. Sometimes people just choose to ignore them. It's like the old joke: A town floods, and a man is on the roof of his house. A rescue boat goes by, and they offer to save him. He declines, saying, "God will save me." Well, the water keeps rising and the man drowns. When he gets to heaven, the man says, "God, why didn't you save me?" And God replies, "I sent you a rescue boat!" (OK... that's not exactly how the joke goes, but it's something like that.)

de said...

hi tl stay on the right trak
ssdd here

Cory said...

That is so wonderful! It is so important for us to pay attention and learn how to recognize God's little signs. That is the only waay to truely experience life.

Michelle said...

Do it! Make that tape RIGHT NOW and send it in! LOL! We'd make an alliance and rule the ranch!!!!!!!

The casting director was on the radio today and she said that if we go to the casting call and feel like we bombed, we should still send in a video, so I think I might do that too :)