Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Good Morning! Today is Day 1 of the 2007 Challenge! If your interested you can still sign up today... but if you just cant do it this month... no worries... you can sign up for the February Challenge!

Yesterday was a good day. I stuck to my diet and even got in a Tae Bo workout. I wanted to workout last night, but passed out on the couch... again. So I didn't do as much as I was hoping to do.. but at least I did something! My hubby left this morning and is working out of town for the next couple of days :(
I hate it when he is gone. The hard part is trying to get time to workout when the girls are on top of me all day and all night long. So hopefully I can get a little bit of a workout today and tomorrow.

My mom and I went shopping yesterday.. just us! No Kids!! It was alot of fun. Mama got dresses for the girls ... they will wear them in the family portrait getting done next week.. Here are some pics:

Just in case your worried that I favor my youngest when it comes to pictures....I dont. My oldest just knows to run when mom has the camera in her hands! I guess I over did it when she was younger! LOL

Speaking of pictures... I am going to post before pics when hubby gets home to take them!! Once a month I'll keep adding pics to them so that we can start seeing the difference!! I think that will help motivate me!

Have a Blessed Day!!


Michelle @ The 2007 Challenge said...

Your girls are just adorable! My son runs too, whenever I have the camera. My daughter is now starting to run away too LOL! Have fun today - and I hope you can get a workout done! I know how it is when the kids want to be with you all the time :)

Cory said...

They are so cute!!! And maybe one day your eldest won't be quite to camera shy. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sad with you that you won't be going to Puerto Rico! Sounds like you've got a good challenge this month with the wedding coming up. I've got a wedding in October that I have to wear a strapless dress in. I am determined to look good! Great pics of your girls, they are so adorable!

jeannie* said...

They are adorable!!!! And too funny about your oldest running away when you whip out the camera... haha.

Kellie said...

Oh, now I just wanna turn back the clock to when my daughter was that age! They are gorgeous!!

I'm so thankful for this challenge! I just know we will all have a most successful 2007!!!

Tee said...

Your daughters are beautiful and the dressed are too!

Good Luck with the 2007 Challenge.

de said...

hi tl keep going ;
i am still sick i suspect if it does nor change i will get stuck in hosp. friday.
you take care

Critter said...

Your daughters are too cute!!!

Living to Feel Good said...

Those little cheeks are so darn cute!!!! Beautiful girls!!