Thursday, February 01, 2007

Goal Addiction

So I feel bad that I didnt post yesterday! LOL... It has become such a ritual for me to get on the computer every morning and write my days little adventures that when I miss a day, I feel like I let myself down! Ha! To be honest with you NOTHING happend the day before except some major binging and sitting on my a@@ all day. My depression kicked in a couple of days ago.... there are a number of reasons that could have jump started it.... but mostly I think its because I missed a couple of days here and there on my medication and it just finally caught up to me. Yesterday I started feeling a little bit better, although my eating was horrific. This morning I am feeling back to my self again and am craving a good workout and lots of water... so that is good! It is amazing how depression can bring you down so fast. Sometimes it takes me a couple of days to recognize the signs... no energy, eating LOTS, snappy, angry, wanting to go to bed all the time.... but when I do, I am able to get the medication in me and then try to do some positive thinking... usually that helps me until the meds kick in again. For anyone who is feeling any of these signs, please dont think that its just the way you are... get some help... this may even be the cause of your eating habits! I have been on antidepressants for 5 years now and can tell you that the difference is night and day!

Ok... so onward...

I found my devotional book hidden between the mattresses in Munchkin Land (my daughters bedroom)... how can you get mad at your daughter for wanting to look at a christian book? LOL... So, todays devotional seems perfect since today is also the first day of the February Challenge.

Goal Addiction

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the heavenly call of God in Christ Jesus. -Phillipians 3:14

Sometimes the goals I set for myself are absurdly high. But on the other hand, if I'm aiming for too easy a mark, I dont feel satisfied. Goals can be addictive: elusive, always promising happiness or riches or success.

The trick is making sure they're really my own objectives. When TV presents me with an actess who weighs ninety-two pounds, and whose wavy red hair falls to her waist, I dont have to try to be that person. When two of my friends go on crash diets to lose thirty pounds in three weeks, I can wish them well - but set my own target.

I neet to listen for the goals God has in mind for me alone. Goals that will challenge me to be strong and brave and full of good humor. Perhaps what I most need to accomplish is making a rich strawberry trifle, piled high with whipped cream, for my guests - and not eating any of it myself. Your challenge may be quite different.

For Further Reflection

1. Are your goals too easy or too hard?
2. What sensible hard mark can you aim for today?
3. Do you beat yourself up when you miss the mark?


Help me strive , God, toward the goals You set for me. Amen

So my goal for February is still to match my weight loss this month and hit 195. My 'sensible mark' that I am aiming for today is to not eat any of the junk food that I bought the other day... chips, cookies, ice cream...(hmmmmm think it was self sabotage yet again??). I was hoping today would be a nice day, but once again it is snowing/raining and is very cold... so another day of staying home... the girls and I are getting a little bit of cabin fever! Does anyone have any suggestions on fun things to do indoors with a 1 yr old and a 3 yr old??? I think they are tired of everything I can think of... painting, play dough, movies, making a tent with the couch pillows, dress up, bubbles.... and to be honest.. I'm kinda tired of them too!!

Well, I guess I can no longer put off starting the day!! I am hoping to get in a couple of good workouts today... nothing like starting the month off right!!

Have A Blessed Day


Michelle @ The 2007 Challenge said...

I love your Devotionals! :) Thank you so much for always sharing them with us!

I'm very glad to hear that you're feeling better today. I actually was a little worried with the no post yesterday! Anytime you need a friend, I'm here for ya!

What about doing a scavenger hunt with the girls? Or ... would they like a pen pal? They can draw pictures and send them to my little girl - she'll love sending something back! :) Just lemme know ;)

Good luck today, wait, you don't need luck - cuz you already rock!

Michelle @ The 2007 Challenge said...

I was going to call our girls cousins too LOL! It's just how I grew up in Hawaii - everybody is auntie or uncle and their kids are your cousins :) She'll LOVE sending them things (and receiving them too!) Oh gosh, this is going to be so much fun! LOL!

Jill said...

*HUGS* Glad to hear you are feeling better! Unfortunately, I know how you feel about the depression just kind of gripping hold of you... Glad to hear you are back to yourself so soon! :)

Tee said...

I am glad that you are feeling better. I am sure that you will be back on track today and for the rest of February.

Thanks for the devotional, it was nice to read that today.

Galen said...

Hey there!!!

I absolutely love that devotional. I may just "steal it" and post it on

Actually, isn't that just the appropriate message for all of us in this day and age?

As for what to play with the about superheros? Of course, mine are 4 and 7(about to be 8) but they absolutely love all kinds of superheros. Pick up the little one and "fly" through the air as supergirl/superman and they will be having least mine do.

Anyway, have to get ready to travel to San Antonio tomorrow...have a wonderful day tomorrow!