Friday, February 16, 2007


Quack-quack, quack quack quack!

This is what I sound like this morning. Imagine Donald Duck with a cold and you've got me! LOL

I'm sure you've noticed the change in scenery. I got bored and thought it needed some color! Green... what I am looking forward to seeing this spring!

So today is the 16th... which means I have 9 days till my #2 weigh in of 2007. I think it will be a good one.. at least I am praying it will be! LOL... I think I would be extremely depressed if there isnt a loss after a whole month! I'm also planning on doing my before and after pics again that day.. so that if there isn't a major change in weight.. then maybe I can see it in the pics!

Excersize went well yesterday. I did my Tae Bo Abs and then 20 minutes on the balance ball. Today I have my TAe Bo cardio this morning for an hour, and this afternoon is another session of Biggest Loser. Is is just me.. or does BL focus mainly on LUNGES??? Good grief..

Food wise I am doing fantastic.. mainly because my throat is very picky as to what it will swallow for me... so its been alot of soup. Last night I made a delicious Baked Fish and veggies. I had a whole fillet and a bunch of veggies left over, so that will be my lunch today! I must say, my portions have really gotten smaller and smaller. I listen to my body alot better these days... If I think I'm getting full, I put my fork down and leave the table. If I get hungary a couple of hours later, thats ok, I just grab an orange or apple. I've been drinking a TON of water every day.. .and with my sore throat, lots of lemon tea.

The BEST thing that has changed for me is the 2 hours cut off time before bed. In the past that was my worst binging time. The kids would be asleep, hubby would go to bed, and I would be left sitting in front of the TV. The kitchen was mine!! All mine!! MUAHAHAHAHA... and I would eat... and snack... and eat! But now, when I feel like snacking I look at the clock.. and if it's after 6:30 then I tell myself.. "The Kitchen Is Closed".. and some how it works. It helps that I serve dinner at 6 so that it is usually the last thing I eat for the day! If you havent started doing this, you must try it!! Just stop eating 2 hours before your bed time!

The February Challenge is almost over! Good grief this month has flown by! My goal was to match the 9 lbs lost in January.. which would put me at 195 lbs. Obviously I have to wait another week before I can be sure that I succeeded. But so far I am feeling positive about it!

Hope everyone is having a Fantastic Friday... Have a Blessed Day!


Greta & Gurdy said...

I love the new look! I'm sure your weigh in will be great! Good luck!!
I am always impressed when people can do the "The kitchen is closed" thing- I wish that would work for me but it does not. But I am so glad its working for you!!

Anonymous said...

I got the confirmation for our Disney trip and i am so excited!
It will be a memorable trip!
I love you MOM

Galen said...

Hey you...!

Wanted to drop in and say Hi.


ArleneWKW said...

I recently, very recently, decided that I would only weigh myself on the 27th of the month. I hadn't realized that you weigh yourself only once a month. I guess it's working out for you since this will be the second month that you do it. I'm thinking that it will put my focus back on my behavior and less on the melodramatics of the numbers on the scale. That's awesome that you've been remaining on track with the eating and continuing with your exercise. I like the idea of "the Kitchen is Closed." I'm gradually moving up the time at which I stop eating (from virtually minutes before I go to bed - or even in bed when I've really been miserably self indulgent) to about 2 hours before I go to bed. I'm also just beginning to get the idea that it's not a good idea to eat if I'm already full. Duh. Sometimes it takes me a while to learn and remember the obvious.