Monday, February 12, 2007

******* Measurements*******

Ok, so I am fighting the temptation of weighing myself.... I still have 2 weeks before weigh-in #2. So, what better way to see how I'm doing then to take my measurements. I cant say that I was thrilled to see the numbers, but I do know that they are going down... especially compared to last years measurements that I found in my old workout notebook...

2006/ 2007

13.5"/ 14" / Arms
42"/ 39" / Above Navel
44" / 40" / At Navel
47" / 46" / Below Navel
45" / 44" / Hips
27.5"/ 27.5" / Thighs

WT= 205 Wt= ???

So far 8.5" lost!! That is a good start. My arms have gained a half inch, but I have been doing alot more weight lifting with them, so I kinda expect that... no worries though.. I'm sure they will start dropping soon.

I am still feeling icky.. but did manage doing my 53 min Tae Bo dvd... and actually feel a little bit better.



jeannie* said...

Thats great that you found your old measurements! Youre doing something right! Hope you feel better soon!

PearShapedGirl said...

I admire your will power and your ability to stay off the scale! I think I would go crazy if I didn't do my weekly Monday weigh-in. Your measurements are looking great, and they count for more than the number on the scale anyway, which can be affected by water intake, TOM, etc. Congrats on fitting in that Tae Bo DVD! I hope you start feeling better soon...

Take care,