Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Challenge Has Been Accepted!

My husband came home last night sicker then a dog. He was hacking and wheezing. At the dinner table he was able whisper/wheeze/gargle that my sister in law Tasha told her husband that she would be at the weight he met her at in 3 months. HA HA HA... First of all, she wieghs as much as I do, if not more... but her husband seems to think that she only weighs 160 (just because that is what she has on her drivers license.. all together now... HAHAHAHAHAHAH). Second, there is no way she can get down to 130 in 3 months, even if she did weigh 160. Third, there is no way that she is going to look good before I do! Dont ask me why I feel so competitive with her. She and I are nothing alike. We dont really get along, but we dont fight either. We just kinda put up with each other when forced into the same room. We have totally different ways of raising our children... and our husbands are polar opposite brothers. I think that I really just want to look good for my husband. I want his family to see that I am willing to do this to look good for him. I want to be the pretty sister in law.. which will be very hard seeing that I have 3 other sister in laws that are absolutely breath taking.... or maybe I just dont want to be the fat one! Hubby deserves so much more then that. So, without really talking to her, I challenged myself to matching her weight loss. I may not get down to 130 by June, but I AM going to be at least 30 lbs lighter.

So while this is floating in my head all night long, I woke up this morning wandering just how much weight I had lost so far. I broke out the scale and weighed myself. In total horror the scale said 208. I've gained... I dont understand it. I know that I feel better, and I think I look better.. but no weight loss in a WHOLE month.. in fact.. I GAINED! I am devastated. So, maybe its time to rethink my diet. Maybe its time to step up my cardio another notch. I've got to do something, because this just isnt working.



~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

You've been sick... it's ok. Just look at this little competition as a chance to get motivated and stay strong. You can do it!

Fatinah said...

I agree with the above comment - when you're sick your body is busy trying to heal itself. Don't give up.

By the by: I can't imagine that you aren't already the pretty sister in law - you're just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I know you did measurements, how did they stack up?

Let your body get back to normal and then go for the gusto.

I have a SIL like yours. We tolerate each other and that's about all.

You can do it! For you, your kids, your hubby and to win!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to ask, do you log your food at all?
I was totally suprised the last few days. Thought I was eating less but ended up over 2000 cals/day.
I use www.fitday.com and find it not too bad.

Anonymous said...

It's me....again!

Fitday is a great tool but they seem to pad the amount of calories burnined in BMR and LMR.
(Basal Metabolic Rate and Life Meta Rate)
So when it says you "burnt" off 3890 calories (BMR, LMR, Activities) you *may* have only burnt of 3275.

Which is still FANTASTIC but I take my readouts w/ a grain of salt.

And maybe shake it up a bit, like you said. Intersperse slow and fast in your workouts. Like if you are out for a walk, walk like normal and then every 4 minutes, walk as FAST as you can for 2 mins. Then keep repeating.

I know you'll be the winner as you are quite focused and wanting to lose weight! You go girl!

Anonymous said...

You can do it! Just evaluate what your doing, and make the changes that you need to make.

Critter said...

I agree. Try keeping a journal of what you eat and what exercise you do. You may just need to tweak it a bit.

Cory said...

Just keep a journal, like everyone said. And be patient. You've been sick and everything! Also, you might want to think about the idea of over-training. I don't THINK you have been, but it's possible...

PearShapedGirl said...

Oh Tigerlilly, I feel bad that they scale didn't go down for you! I know you have been working really hard and making the effort to make healthy choices and work out. Keep it up though, and things are bound to change. Maybe your body is just trying to get used to the new way of life. Or maybe you're eating too few or too many calories? Don't lose hope (like I did and gained 5 pounds last week, ARGH!), you can do this!

And, you are a GORGEOUS girl, so there is no way that you don't fit in with your sister-in-laws. I feel the same way though about not being "the fat one". Hubby's brother's girlfriend is 5'11 and about 105 pounds, so I feel like an absolute elephant next to her.

Let's do this, Tigerlilly, let's be the HOT sister-in-laws, haha!

Take care,

Meghan said...

I have to agree with everyone above - don't be too hard on yourself, you've been sick! I also second the advice to journal what you eat if you aren't already. It can be really enlightening and definitely has some effect in what I choose to eat during the day.

You can do it!