Monday, February 05, 2007

Superbowl Hangover!

My will power failed yesterday. As the Superbowl started, so did the munching.. chips, pizza , chocolate... grrrrrr. The problem was, it was such a great game to watch that I kinda spaced out the fact that my hand kept feeding my face. LOL. Oh well... once a year wont kill me! It was a great game and although I didnt really have a favorite team, I was glad to see the colts win it! My favorite part of the entire evening was when they were interviewing the Colt's coach Dungy after the win and he said that although it was great that two black coaches made it the superbowl for the first time.. it what was even better that two CHRISTIAN coaches made it to the superbowl.. I thought that was awsome!!

Anyway.. so today I have two workouts planned..AND.. for some reason, after having freezing cold temperatures for weeks.. today's high is supposed to be 60!! So I am taking the girls to the park and taking them for a ride around the park trail. I'm hoping to go a couple of miles around... that should be a great workout! I also have to keep up with me water.. I am really feeling dehydrated this morning. Its already the 5th of February which means this months challenge is going to fly by.. so I better get my butt in gear this month.. and fast!!

Speaking of challenge.. go check out my February Partner in crime.. Meghan... and give her some good cheer!

Have a Blessed Day


PearShapedGirl said...

Hi Tigerlilly... I gave in to the SuperBowl temptation as well and had some chicken wings, it happens! I'm happy for you that it's warming up over there, I know you hate that cold weather. Have a great day and good luck with your February challenge!

Take care,

de said...

hi tl. you are goinmg to be envious of me i have also been a working very hard on my weight this morning i was 205; and i got that candy for the girls.

Cory said...

So many people had an off night because of the Superbowl. But that's ok. It's the beginning of February and everyone deserves a break. Now we all just have to kick it in high gear, and you are already there! Glad to hear tha tthe temperatures have improved. I hope they stay that way for you!

jeannie* said...

I did the same thing last night watching the game! We'll just get back on track today and not go on a downward spiral :)

That is so exciting about the weather today! Enjoy your being outside!

Tee said...

I am so with you favorite part of last night was when Coach Dungy said "it what was even better that two CHRISTIAN coaches made it to the super bowl". I was so pumped and I felt excited that he said this. This is what it is about and I am very thankful that we had two coaches in the super bowl representing GOD...HOW AWESOME!!!

Nothing else mattered at that point.