Tuesday, February 27, 2007


This week is dragging. When my husband got out of bed to get ready for work this morning I was confused because I thought it was Saturday! HA!

So tomorrow is the end of February. Two months down, ten to go. I am pretty excited to see what the next month will bring. This is literally the longest time I have actually stuck to a 'change in lifestyle' without giving up on myself.. or finding some REALLY good excuses to plop myself on the couch everyday and stuff my mouth with whatever is in the kitchen.

Meghan... my challenge partner.. wrote a great blog today about fear. The fear of what is to come when you no longer have the 'armor' of fat and your left naked in front of the world. I can say that fear has caused many of my self sabotage episodes. My fear is not so much the fear of standing thin in front of the world... but more of... what will I do when I reach my goal? What then? Losing weight has consumed half my life.. once that is done... what then? Will I be happy? Will it get me off of my anti-depression medication? Will everything be perfect and will I never have troubles again?


That may be the hardest conclusion to come to. Of course you want all of that to happen.. and after working so hard for so long, you really start believing that will happen. But the truth is.. the only thing it will bring me is a longer life. More time on this earth to be troubled, to be sad and happy, to enjoy my not-so-perfect life. More time to ponder my existence. Not such a shabby prize after all.

Today is another day of Tae Bo Hell... oops... I mean EXTREME.

Have a Blessed Day!


Cory said...

It is SO true that it can't bring a happy ending to everything. But it can bring that longer life, a life to be spent enjoying our family. And what's more important that?

de said...

hey you tiger lilly you arelooking
REALLY good as for the depression
fight it with meds and prayer i have been doing it for a few years now it works if you let it

Tee said...

I agree with you Tigerlilly. I am a happy person with the weight, but my fear is what might or could happen if I don't lose the weight. I haven't been this big for very long, so I think I can or should adapt to the weight loss pretty fair...we will see. Thanks for this reality check
: )

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Longer life, yes... but also more energy. Perhaps a boost in your self-esteem or self-confidence. A lesser change of ending up disabled or with a chronic illness. It might not completely change your life, but your life will be different!