Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Quote To Diet By?

I read a quote the other day that has actually helped me alot... especially during meals.

"Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper"

Simple huh? So breakfast for me carries the majority of my calories and carbs, lunch is quite a bit smaller and less carbs... and dinner is something small and simple with as little carbs as possible. I've tried this for two days now, and I can tell the difference in my eating habits... for one, I am not hungary in between meals!! Second, I am not over eating! As the day goes on my portions get smaller. I am also keeping tack of my water by drinking 2 (16oz glasses) of water before breakfast, 2 before lunch, 2 before dinner and 2 before bed... giving me a grand total of 128 oz... which is definatley keeping me full.. and hydrated!

I am fighting the urge to jump on the scale every morning... I want to see a drop, but I'm also scared to see it not move.. or worse, a gain! .... I still have 2 weeks before my second weigh in of the year... so I am keeping the faith.. and moving on.
I do feel a change in my body, but is it real? or am I just imagining it to make myself feel better? grrrrrrr

Today I have a 3 hour Kempo class, so I will definatley be burning calories today! This afternoon the girls are heading to my moms for the day and hubby and I have a dinner date tonight all by ourselves to celebrate an early valentines! Yeah!

Have a Blessed Weekend... I'll see ya'll on monday morning!


de said...

ok tl how come you are mad at your mom making her keep tose little muffinmashers all day.
say ji to mcduff and have a nice dinner, me got to clean house today;

Meghan said...

I've heard that quote before, and seen weight loss shows on the discovery channel where people have lost a ton of weight by "reverse dieting". I always wonder how these people handle "dinner with other people" situations. In my family dinner is the big family meal where we make something extravagant and delicious. I can't imagine eating a tiny little bit of it and calling it good!

Hope you had a lovely dinner with your husband! Have a great weekend!

Tee said...

That quote is great!!! Unfortunately for me, it is totally opposite. I eat the most of my calories for dinner, the least at breakfast. I was just thinking of ways to change this pattern. This quote sure has helped!