Friday, February 09, 2007

A Day On The Hill

Good Mornin' Ya'll... I am feeling much better, but my oldest girl has been sick with a cold too... so, I haven't had any sleep in two days. My nose has cleared, but now I am just exhausted. Oh well... it's always something. I didn't work out yesterday, just cleaned. But today I have two workouts planned again. The only way I can even THINK about working out today is because Hubby has offered to stay up with the sickling tonight.. which means I am gauranteed a good night sleep tonight!!! Yeah!

I have read Phase I in Bob Greenes book and am excited to get into the routine he suggests. Its not really a big change from what I've been doing, but it did recommend some little extra things. The best part of it, is he suggests weighing in only once a month too!!! Which is great since that is what I have been doing!!

Ok, so I missed yesterdays devotional.. but dont fear.. I have one for today!!

A Day On The Hill

The pastures of the wilderness overflow, the hills gird themsleves with joy. -Psalm 65:12

My house is on a hillside in the last row of homes at the edge of the woods. I can take my camera up on the old logging road through the tall fir trees and bushy alders, or I can cut through the bushes to a now-abandoned quarry, where the rocky core of the hill is exposed.

Recently our relentless spring rain broke for a day. The sun came out and dazzled the flowers into bloom, clothed the trees with ripe green buds, and brought great clouds of birds to feed among the wild greasses. The hill was the scene of a party, and I spent most of the day in celebration. I stroked the pussy willows, breathed in the scent of freshened Douglas firs, and took close-up photographs of tiny yellow violets. I danced over the dark basalt rubble at the old quarry, and sang a hymn, sitting on a boulder under the trees.

That evening when I was getting ready for bed, I realized I hadn't nibbled all day. Beauty had satisfied all my senses, and I was filled not with food, but with the glory of God.

For Further Reflection

What satisfies your senses and meets your emotional needs besides food? Take some time to find the answers, then act upon them.


Thank you, God, for the beauty of Your creation. Teach me to be satisfied with that. Amen

I know that most of you are in the middle of ice storms and freezing weather... but look around.. there is always something that God has handed you to enjoy!

Have a Blessed Day!


~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Frequent weighing can be a downer, definitely, since our weight fluctuates so much. I agree with Bob--maybe at first, don't weight too often. Good luck!

de said...

very good tl burt sorry you and the little one have been sickly
yo have to stop thaT mammas are not allowed to get sick