Thursday, February 15, 2007


OK, so I will save ya'll from reading the boring ramblings of how we are all sick.. and just describe our health as .... ICKY

I did work out yesterday but only to the Biggest Loser workout.. and I only lasted for 30 minutes before having to sit down. I dont want to push it too far! This morning is my Abs and weights day.. so we'll see how that goes.

I feel better as far as weight loss is concerned. Not having to worry about the number on the scale every morning has given me a little bit of a freedom. (although the temptation to weigh myself is still there) I pay a little more attention to the little things like... I can see a little bit of defintion in my arms when I flex my muscles, I am fitting into pants a little bit easier every time, my hand runs down the side of my hips with a little less effort, I move a little bit easier and best of all, I know I can do this because it has almost been 2 months and I AM STILL GOING STRONG!! Usually by now I would have binged a couple of times and given up on every being healthy again, gaining all the weight I've lost back and eventually having to start all over again (probably at a heavier weight). So the best part of all of this is the feeling of accomplishment. I may not have reached my goal yet, but I have come this far without giving up... so I know I will do this!

Another great thing coming my way.... we're going to Disneyland!!! YEAH!! My mama is treating Hubby, myself and the girls to a Mothers Day weekend at Disneyland. I havent been there since I was 8 or 9... so I think I am just as excited to go as the girls.. probably even more! I cant wait to see their faces when Mickey Mouse walks up to them... or Cinderella!! LOL .. Thanks Mama.. Your the best!!

So today is Devotional Thursday.. and in the theme of Disneyland.. todays devotional is called


What do you know that we do not know? What do you understand that is not clear to us? -Job 15:9

When Alice fell through the rabbit hole into Wonderland, she found food that could maker her tiny enough to get through a mouse hole or tall enough to look into birds' nests.

Late this afternoon I suddenly remembered that people were coming to dinner. I raced into the kitchen and as I stirred up a dessert for the dinner, a few spoonfuls of frosting seemed to say -like Alice's little cake- "EAT ME". As I prepared the appetizers, I succumbed to a handful of potato chips and a few dollops of sour cream. And while making the tamale pie, I managed to scarf down a handful of olives, some salsa, and several tablespoons of my beef-and-tomato mixture.

Maybe in Wonderland all those extra calories would only make me short or tall. But here on good ole planet Earth, they head straight for my hips, thighs and waist. Insted of being tall enough to look into birds' nests, I could get wide enough tto require four or five airline seats.

So no matter where you are, it's a bad idea to let food talk you into eating. Chances are you know better then it does.

For Further Reflection

1. Are you listening to the "call" of food?
2. Do you pretend all those snacks wont count?
3. Are you ready to live on earth and face reality?


Dear Lord, help me to be aware of the cumulative effect of all the "little" bits of food I grab without thinking in the course of a day. Amen


Cory said...

Sorry you are still feeling ill, but I'm so glad to see that you are still going so strong!!! Keep up all your wonderful work!

Meghan said...

Arg, Blogger ate my comment!

What I said was: I'm wicked jealous you're going to Disney and I hope you have loads of fun and also that I admire your willpower to not look at the scale all the time as I certainly do not have the willpower to not look.

And also that you rock :) But you knew that already, right?

Cory said...

Just happened to accidentally click on the bookmark for your blog, and WHAM! new design. I like the new look!!!!!

Michelle @ The 2007 Challenge said...

Feel better soon, sis!! *hugs* And how fun to go to Disneyland!! You should definitely look into having breakfast in Cinderella's castle. You'll need to make the reservations NOW, but it'll be so worth it for the girls!! Our care package is a little delayed too :( But it's coming soon! LOL!