Friday, February 23, 2007


Another week gone.. and this month is almost over. I have a strange feeling that this year is going to fly by!

Ok, so I hopped on the scale this morning... just to make sure it was going back in the right direction. The results.... -2 lbs!! Yeah! 206. My 'official' weigh in is not until Sunday.. but I'm happy!

My Aunt J (my most favorite Aunt in the world!) sent me an email about a friend of hers that had the same problem as I do. She went and got her thyroid tested once.. it was fine. She went back years later and found that they had not done the RIGHT tests. There are two tests they do. A T4 test and a T3 test. Now dont ask me to break that up for you.. because I dont know the differences just yet. Anyway, turned out that she DID have a problem with her thyroid (thanks to the T3 tests) and was put on medication. She lost 60 lbs in 5 months.

Now, I've had my thyroid tested... recently. And they said all was fine. Now I am wandering if they new what they were doing. So today I am going to contact my doctor and find out what tests they did... should be interesting. (Thanks Aunt J)

As for my 1800 calories.. I'm finding it much easier. I am eating well, but not over eating either. My portions are staying in check... so I am happy.

Excersize is feeling even better. I am actually enjoying working up a sweat! I am starting to see gradual changes in my body.. the way it looks, and the way it feels! I think all this work is actually paying off! Huh... who knew?

Today is my major cleaning day. I make sure the entire house is spotless from top to bottom so that I dont have to worry about it all weekend! Since I've been sick for 2 weeks.. this house definatley needs the cleaning! Speaking of sick.. today is the first day I have NO symptoms of being sick! YEAH!!

Alright.. I have munchkins climbing all over me.. so its time to go! Have a Blessed day!


Logical guy said...

I'm glad that you have started to recover from your sickness. Anyway, about thyroids. I'd suggest you get hold of a copy of the book "Is your thyroid making you fat" by Sanford Siegal. The author suggests you measure you metabolism and also your temperature in the morning. Using these results you can take them to your doctor to suggest trying thyroxine and seeing if you lose weight easier.

Julie said...

Email me and I'll email you the ING info. (I can't find your email on your blog.) julie at flipthisbody dot com. And congrats on the 2 lb loss!

se said...

hi tl; glad you are feeling better
i an getting ready to do my shopping and pay some bills
you are now two lbs less than me
i have lostabout 13 pounds

Fatinah said...

Yay - 2lbs!!!! Your body is healing now and all your hard work has paid off! sounds like tweaking your calorie intake was the right way to go!!!!!

Cory said...

I'm so glad that y'all are feeling better, and I think you will be pleased when you see the official number. You already seem really hyped with just a preview.

Keep Moving!

Laura said...

I had half my thyroid removed last March. It was lumpy (but, as it turned out, not actually cancerous). I was very relieved that the remaining half a thyroid picked up the slack and that I don't need to be on medication. That said, the medication is a godsend for people who do need it. Be extremely careful if they do put you on medication; it can have ugly side effects if improperly dosed.

Anonymous said...

Great work TigerLilly!

Glad to see it's all starting to pay off for you.

Keep it up and you'll be buying your teapot reward in NO TIME!

Have a great weekend.

Meghan said...

Woo! Down two! That's great :)

Glad you're feeling better!

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Congrats on the weight loss! That's awesome! And I'm happy to hear you're not feeling sick anymore, too!