Wednesday, February 14, 2007


What wild weather we are having. Yesterday morning we were in the middle of a snow blizzard. The flakes falling were so huge you couldnt see beyond our window... it was like one big white-out! About 10 minutes later it stopped snowing and just started pouring rain! Thunder and all!!! So strange. Today it is still a little cloudy out, but it doesnt look like a storm. Not that it matters, we are staying inside once again today... yes, we are still sick. I cant tell if I'm getting better.. this cold seems to trade one symptom for another. My throat feels less swollen, but is now actually sore when I swallow. The girls are still sick and have developed a yucky cough. If not better by this afternoon, I am taking them to the doctor.

As for my diet.. being sick is doing great! Although I actually fell short of my calories yesterday. At 8 o'clock last night I was putting in my dinner on and realized that I had only eaten 1083 calories yesterday... I actually thought of having a protein shake or something.. but part of Phase I is following a strict cut off time for eating at night. I cant eat anything after 6:30 at night. That seems early, but considering I am in bed at 8:30.. that follows the 2 hour cut off time. So, I actually squashed the thought of eating more and went to bed. Today I will just have to keep a better watch on how much Im eating and get a good 1200 - 1500 calories in.

As for excersize, I did my Tae Bo Abs workout for 30 min. When Hubby got home I borrowed his IPOD and rocked out while lifting weights for about 20 minutes. It felt good to get the blood flowing, but it sure did exhaust me! Today I have my Tae Bo cardio day... my Biggest Loser workout.. and some good stretching. Hubby wants me to start teaching him Tae Kwon Do, Karate and Kempo but I have been so tired by the time 8:00 rolls around. Maybe tonight.

Someone asked about "Wicked". The author is Gregory Maguire. He wrote other books like "Mirror Mirror" , "Son of a Witch", "Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister" and "Lost". I have not read any of the others yet.. though I do have Son of a Witch already... I bought them at the same time.

Guess I cant put the day off any longer... have a blessed day and we'll see ya'll tomorrow!




Tee said...

I really am praying for a fast recovery for all of you. I hate to be sick, so I am sure there is a level of miserableness.

I am glad that despite the sick feeling that you are working out. I heard that doing exercise actually helps beat the sickness. I hope this holds true soon.

We have weird weather here, well we have LOADS of SNOW...I played hookie today from work. We have about 9-10 inches.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family.

Fatinah said...

I can't believe you're able to workout while you're sick - what commitment you have - so awesome!

I sent your e-card - please watch for it!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

PS: I am going to pick up wicked - it sounds awesome!

Cory said...

I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon. Although, a doctor's visit might be needed. Congrats on keeping moving!

And Happy Valentine's Day!

Galen said...

Oh you so put me to shame!! I get sick and want to lie in bed. You get sick and workout...*sigh*

I really hope everyone starts feeling better soon. I'll pray with the others for that speedy recovery from being sick.

Happy Valentine's Day to you!


I would never have pictured you listening to Manson!