Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday Morning

All I can say is... I AM SO TIRED OF BEING SICK!!!! I start to think that I'm getting better, and then WHAM , I feel terrible again. My throat is constantly sore, yet it is nothing more then a virus. I have no fever, so there isnt anything a doctor can do for me.. its just so frustrating.. I hate being this way. Friday, hubby came home sick. Last night we were both in bed coughing and hacking... and keeping the other from sleeping. It was terrible. Ugh.

On a positive note... the girls seem to be healthy again! No more runny noses. They do still have a little bit of a cough, but not too bad! YEAH!

So the weekend was kinda bad for the diet. I dont think I went over in calories too badly... but I didnt work out at all, thinking that maybe my body just needed some rest days. I think that may have been a mistake, because it seems to have made me lazy! LOL . Today I am back to my routine of working out at 10 and 2 .. and hopefully this week will rock... since my #2 weigh in is on this Sunday! Aaaaaaaack.

As for all my february challenge buddies, I have to apologize because I have been terrible at leaving comments. I am reading everyones.. but have been lacking the energy to reply to them.. Sorry! I will try to be better this week!

Have A Wanderful Monday...


jeannie* said...

I hope youre feeling better soon! I think your body did need a rest this weekend... and I'm glad that you didnt work out. Now youve had a few days off and can ease yourself back in today!

And I like youre new layout :) Pretty pretty!

Cory said...

I really hope y'all get to feeling better. But at least the girls are a lot better, and that certianly helps. Good luck with your exercise routine, and I'm sure the weigh in will be fine!

And don't worry about the comments. We all know you've been feeling bad. It's understandable.

Tee said...

I am glad that the kids are feeling better. I am hoping that you and your Mister will feel better soon.

Take it easy with the exercising. Maybe your body does need the rest.

Thank you for your encouraging words on my blog today...

Have a great day!

Living to Feel Good said...

Hope you feel better soon.