Sunday, February 18, 2007

Adam and Eve

The aches and pains are slowly going away. Last night mom invited me out on a Mom and Daughter night out. We went to a dinner and show at the local college. It was really well done! The dinner was a salad, roast beef, corn and mashed potatoes with a 'calorie free' cheesecake for dessert. It was all small portions, so I felt very comfortable eating it all! The play was Mark Twains, The Diaries of Adam and Eve. It was very funny and the actors where quite talented. We had a wanderful time... I am hoping it will turn into a habit for mom and I!

The weather was beautiful yesterday.. but being sick, we could not go out and enjoy it. Today we were hoping to at least open the house up and get some fresh air in here, but the clouds have rolled in and it is somewhat cold again.

I am anxiously awaiting the tax returns to come in so that we can do a little bit of fixing up with the house. I want to paint the girls room different shades of pink and put up these cute little fairie stickers that I've had in the closet for ever! I also need to do some touching up in the living room and our bedroom could use a makeover again too! Not to mention the whole outside of the house! I cant wait for spring to come.. I am soooo ready to start working on the outside of the house again. I am planning our vegetable garden... and our 'new' yard! Ugh, the next 2 months better fly!

Have a Blessed Day!


Cory said...

I'm glad to hear that y'all had a good time at the theatre! I love going to plays. And college productions are usually VERY good. I hope y'all get to do that again soon!

Anonymous said...

Girlie! Good for you for going back to school! I once heard a lady say she was a "retired homemaker". That is my goal. I would love to be a lactation nurse but the stuff I would have to do to get an R.N. would make me puke. I don't think it is very theraputic for patients for them to have their nurse barfing on them. Keep up the good work. Love Becky