Saturday, February 24, 2007

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I have had almost 4 years of diapers, crayons, 'goo-goo, ga-ga', wipees, bottles, mush, unknown smells and spit up. Yesterday, I received my books for getting my Nursing Assistant degree. For a moment I didn't know what I was doing.. then, all of a sudden.. I found myself! Yes.. I remember this stuff! I remember how to pronounce big medical words like electroencephalogram. I remember that I used to do some of this stuff!! I remember that my dream was to become a nurse... Wow... I remember who I am!! Somewhere hidden between my life as a mother, and a woman obsessed with her weight loss.. I forgot who I am. I lost that person who was full of determination and had unbelievable goals. Instead, I became a woman obsessed with her children (not a bad thing, by the way) and trying to stay alive. I dreamed of what my children would become when they grew up... and forgot what I want to be when I grow up ( I am still not admitting that I have). Yesterdays package was a God send. My husband had enrolled me a while back in a school out of Washington that allows you to study and test at home. In 6 mos to a year, after passing all the tests and certifications, I will have my Nursing Assistant degree. Not quite a nurse, but at least on the right path to being one. So last night was my first study session.... and what a headache! LOL. I thought I would remember most of it from being an EMT way back when... but apparently if you don't use it.. you DO lose it!

As for my diet.. and yes, I am still obsessed with becoming healthy... as EVERY person should be... I have done well. Today I have a 3 hour Kempo class.. tomorrow is my Weigh In / Measurements/ Picture day... so I have to stick with it today!

I'm off to kick some butt~ Literally!! Have a Blessed Day


de said...

hi tl; boy you do not have enough to do thar is a grueling thing to do hope it goes well but then i know how intelligrnt you are;
still will loan you two straight jackets for two little rascals who can run like deer

Fatinah said...

wow - look at you go! I'm quite excited for you - I am also considering further education - although just languages - but I'm a bit scared - reading how excited you are kinda took away some of my anxiousness!

Anonymous said...

Dude, I'm a dumb ass. Look at the page with the pictures of you and your ma. I left a comment there about today's blog. I need to go back to school too I'm thinking. But I'm thinking I need to start in like 2nd grade!!!! Love ya! Becky

Tee said...

That is awesome that you are going to pursue one of your goals. All the best to you.

Good luck weighing in...Tee

Michelle said...

I think we must be sisters in a past life or something! LOL! I just enrolled with University of Phoenix to finish my Bachelor of Science in Communications!! In 2 years, I'll have my degree, 10 months after that, get my teaching certificate/lisensure, and another year after that, get my Masters in Education!! I can't believe in 4 years I'll have accomplished my goal, originally started back in 1992 ... took me awhile - like you, got "distracted" with the kiddies LOL

Keep up the great work ... I wonder if I can somehow make you my partner next month without making it too obvious LOL!!