Friday, October 05, 2007

Day 21:203

Wow... 3 weeks today! I honestly don't think I have ever lasted this long on a healthy lifestyle!! LOL Lets keep it going!!

So a 1.5 lb gain today.. I'm starting to notice a pattern. When I eat a lot of bread and salt.. then I usually see a gain the next morning. What does that tell me? Quit eating so much bread and salt!!

I'm not going to worry about the gain... today I will focus a little harder on my eating and water intake!

I also feel good today because I ran my regular run today.. and yes, I had to push freakin hard to finish it.. but I did! I got off the treadmill feeling pretty good about myself. I also had my lower body weight lifting circuit this morning.. so my legs and butt are really sore. Tomorrow might be a forced break from running.. we'll see how they feel in the morning! I am really hoping to see that 199 mark on Monday.. but I'm not going to freak if I don't. So it takes me another week.. eh.. I can do it!

In the back of my head is the thought that I might sabotage myself again. I have been close to Onederland twice before.. and twice before I gained it all back + more. I think that may have been the cause of yesterday bread/crackers/popcorn splurge... but I woke up this morning with a little more *umph* to get it done. I'm sick of 'trying' to lose weight damn it.. I'm doing it and its going to get done!


de said...

not to worry tl you will make it ok

Randi said...

Congrats on 3 weeks. Super awesome. Bet you feel good too. Impressed with the exercise front! Love that you're running and doing a strength workout. (why am I not writing full sentences?) Keep it clean on the eating side and you'll definately hit the single century.

Christine said...

When I hit ONEderland I struggled abit. Kinda didn't feel right for me to be there - but I know that you can do it.

Fatinah said...

unless you ate 5200 calories worth of bread - I'd say most of that is because of the salt. If you do have lots of salt - be sure to drink lots of water.
I'm so very impressed that you hit your 3 weeks! What an awesome, awesome job you've done. Keep up the great work. You're really putting yourself first now - it is so lovely to see - you SO deserve it!!