Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 42:201

Heading back down in the right direction. Thanks for all the support. Many of you offered the idea of not stepping on the scale every morning.. and as much as I can agree with that... stepping on the scale every morning is something I HAVE to do. It's kind of like a reminder of what I am trying to do everyday. If its a high number... yes, I get sad but then I give myself a good workout and watch what I eat just a little bit better that day. When I see a low number, well, I get super excited... have an awesome workout and eat fantastic that whole day! So, as much as it is a roller coaster ride every week... I think that it is one of the few things that has gotten me this far.

How far you ask? OH YEAH... today makes 6 weeks!!! I am ecstatic! So to celebrate I have some rare before and after pics.

Me at my highest 6 weeks ago (215)

Me this morning before my workout (201)

As you can see.. I am slimming down quite a bit. I am looking forward to the next 6 weeks and my next 'after' picture!!


Laura N said...

Look at you! That is a dramatic change. Most excellent work girl!!!

I'm scale wh0re too. =)

Fatinah said...

well, you know what works best for you!

Meanwhile - holy sh*t! look at the difference! Wow!! That is so awesome! You look GREAT!!!!!

Tiffany said...

WOW - 15 pounds and you can see a difference, smaller arms, smaller butt, smaller wiest. You are looking and doing great. Take another picture in 6 weeks!

de said...

hi tl; i sure like that new pick at the top it looks like you are getting ready to do mcduff some serious bodily injuries

Randi said...

dude! Nice work! Keep it up!
(told ya you'd like those before pictures!)

Christine said...

Whhhoooopppppp Whhhooooooooppp! Those are amazing pictures and you have got to feel amazing! Great progress!

groovybabe said...

wow that is a really significant loss! go you!

i agree, if weighing in daily helps you then there is nothing wrong in doing it at all! Go you!

B said...

your doing great!