Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day 32:201.5

So the trip to Onderland only lasted one day.. but what a glorious day! I was actually expecting a gain today.. like it does every week, my weight goes up on the days after my weight lifting. I looked at the past two weeks and, sure enough, my weight goes up and down depending on my exorcise routine. The good thing is that the numbers are continually going down. 3 weeks ago it was ranging between 207 and 204. Last week it was 203 and 201. This week... 199 and most like 202 will be my highest. The important thing is that by next week I should be staying in the 190's.

I don't think I ever understood this before. First of all, I never stayed on track this long to study my body and its habits. Second, I'm pretty sure I never lasted long because I didn't understand my body. I see a 2 pound gain in the middle of every week.. this is because I do heavy lifting and extreme cardio and my body is not only holding on to water, but I am building muscle. I remember doing Tae Bo for hours a day and seeing the pounds drop.. but then see a 3 or 4 pound gain and I would fall into a depression and find the closest cookie jar. Today I know that it is water.. it will go down again.. I am doing fantastic. Who knows what I will learn about my body next month? LOL Not only am I finding myself (physically, emotionally,spiritually) but it feels like I am meeting my body for the first time. Who said meeting new people isn't fun!

I did my run this morning. 1.5 miles in 26 minutes.. a snails pace, but a pace none the less. I also did my lower weight circuit. Tomorrow is a rest day.. but I'm thinking of doing at least a 30 min stroll on the tready just to keep my legs from tightening up too much.

I am cutting out carbs today. Not for any other reason then because I ate a lot of them yesterday.. and I don't want them to be the cause of a gain next WI. Lots of protein and veggies today.

A big hug to all of you for being such wonderful blogfriends! I wouldn't be this successful without all of you cheering me on!


Tiffany said...

I have been waiting for you to blog that you finally hit the 100's - I am SOOO glad you hit it (even for a day). You will be consistenly in the 100's very shortly just keep up the good work!!!

Cory said...

It's very important to remember that you retain water after weight lifting. Glad to hear you are still upbeat today. This is a VAST improvement over how you have been in the past. Congratulations!

Christine said...

Cheer cheer. Just keep making the best decisions that you can and ONEderland will be yours!

Laura N said...


You are doing so amazingly well. Super duper attitude and hooray for hitting the 190s yesterday.

Consistency is your best friend when it comes to weight loss, and you are being consistent. You are SO gonna make your goal this time!

Great job on the running. Keep going. By the time your weight is down lower, your lungs and heart will be ready for speed and distance. I know--I've been there too and it's amazing when it happens.

You are an inspiration!!!

Christy said...

Isn't it great when you start to understand our bodies? I find it completely empowering! You are doing wonderful, keep up the fantastic work!!!

de said...

ok tl; soon as you get to 185. mcduff is going to enter you in the bull riding events

Pokey said...

Youre doing great on the WL...dont let a one-day gain get you down!

And a nice run too....nothing wrong with us snails! ;)

Marshmallow said...

I loved reading about how you are discovering how your body behaves and how 'gain' and 'loss' are very simple terms, and the body responds in certain ways to certain activities by either retaining or releasing fluid - and that your weight is a simple representation of a complex figure.

Fantabulous! :-D

angie's pink fuzzy said...

how awesome - your trending to a lower weight!

Anonymous said...

On the journey down the avenue of life, We discover that detours often end up as blessing in disguise. I love you MOM

Fatinah said...

you're doing so great - keep it up - it's like it all just clicked for you...I hope to find that sometime soon also!!