Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 41:202

I am starting to feel the depression sink in. Seeing those high numbers again SUCKS. I know I am doing clothes are fitting great and I am feeling great... but for some reason it just doesn't count unless that number is under the 200 mark.

I ran this morning... 2 miles... even though I really did not feel like working out at all. Once I got started I thought of all the reasons I was running...


well.. by that time I was at the 2 mile marker. I got off and worked out my shoulders, triceps and abs. Now I feel exhausted physically... and mentally.

To help the motivation, hubby came home with news that we had gotten tickets to the NFR (National Finals Rodeo) again this year in Las Vegas... which means I have 6 weeks to the day to get my butt back in my old size 12 Rockies. At least that is the dream. So tomorrow marks my 6 weeks of being faithful to my workout routine and trying to eat right... 6 more weeks will hopefully find me in my 'top shelf' pants again!

I've got to start thinking positive... I've got to cut out 50% of the carbs I'm eating... I've got to keep up my workout routine... I've got to drink more water...and I've got to keep pushing myself to run....farther.


Laura said...

If you're around people with any sense of politeness, it's not like anyone will ever ask for numbers. Being able to fit into a favorite old item of clothing is the real test for me. Your jeans are going to look awesome at the rodeo.

de said...

you are doing grteat tl and don't let duffys injure any of them bulls

Tiffany said...

Maybe you should stop weighing yourself every day and go for every other day or once a week - that way you won't worry about the ups and downs as much - which is NORMAL. I do have to admit that I check your blog daily to see if you are staying under 200 or not - you are so close, keep up the good work. Maybe try a food diary to see if you are consuming extra calories and not realizing it.

Christine said...

Hmm, cowboys. Sounds like a great time. It's really hard to keep going - I can vouch for that. I find it a constant daily struggle. I have not had an EASY day since I saw 199.9.

Take care.

Fatinah said...

How many calories are you eating in a day? You're doing great. I really think you should maybe weigh only once a week, twice if you can't stand it, but this daily weighing is tricking you away from the fact that your clothes are fitting better! You're building important muscle. We just had a nutritionist come in for a clinic at the running class I'm doing. He suggested 50% carbs, 20% fat & 30% protein at every meal. In the end though, he said that loosing weight is 20% exercise 80% diet (meaning you HAVE to eat healthy). He also said ball parkish - ladies should eat around 1200. I have a calculation that I did out of a weight loss book - it gave me 1400, and then I exercise down to 1200. I find if I'm going hard, I need the extra. Anyhow, you're doing great. Seriously. Just take a look at the caloric intake. You may even be eating too little. We want you healthy too. Keep drinking the water. Keep exercising. YOU ROCK!!!

Randi said...

Your exercise is going good. Make sure your food is good. No need to just cut carbs. Just cut out nongood food and replace with good. Don't eat a cookie, eat grapes. Don't eat pudding, eat an apple, don't eat chips, eat almonds (but only a few). All those things have carbs but are still healthy. You know you're doing good. don't worry about the number. It's going to go up for things beyond your control (hormones, stress etc). You can weigh every day if you want. But only compare week to week. Not day to day. For example, compare today to last week friday. daily changes are too random.