Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Day 26:203

Ugh.. a gain. But my wedding ring is tight.. so I'm thinking its just water retention. I know that I am looking better because for the first time in 3 years I fit in a size 14 pant! Which means I have gone from wearing 18.. to slipping into 14's in 3 weeks. That is awesome!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday.. and we celebrated! She came over and spent the day with the girls and I.. hanging curtains, building chairs... and playing! I baked cupcakes as fat free as I could get them.. and managed to just eat one! Then sent the rest home with mom. I did my run yesterday.. it was the Week 3 run, and I finished it and felt great. I continued on to do my lower body weight lifting.. and this morning I am extremely sore, so I am taking this morning off from running. I will focus on drinking lots of water.. and maybe get a walk in this afternoon.

I have 5 days until my next weigh in... and if I want to see Onederland, I better get on it! Happy Hump Day!


Fatinah said...

wow - you are doing so great!

Tiffany said...

It sounds as if you are burning fat and building muscle and since muscle weighs more than fat you are not seeing a HUGE weight loss but you are feeling better and stronger and you are losing inches. Keep it up and you will start to see the pounds come off. Remember muscle burns more calories than fat does.

Cory said...

Hard to complain about a small gain when you've lost that many inches in three weeks! Keep up the good work!

ArleneWKW said...

In this case, size really does matter. You are a definite inspiration to me in the way that you've kept up with the exercise.

Laura N said...

It's totally water gain. You'll lose it plus probably have a big loss for next week's weigh in. Your muscles are retaining water from running and the weights.

Great job resisting the cupcakes--just one is a victory in my eyes! I have the hardest time around cake and ice cream.

That is AWESOME you are in 14s!!! Woohoo! Running rocks, girl. Keep it up and you'll have that weight off before you know it.