Monday, October 29, 2007

WI Day 45:198.5
Total # miles I ran last week: 9.7

Didn't lose anything... didn't gain anything either.. so that is a plus! Had too many 'little' bites of Halloween candy this weekend.. so I blame myself..(hehehe, who else am I going to blame?) Anyway.. I am going to push for a big loss this week... I need a big number!

I ran this morning.. .and I ran great!! A whole mile without stopping to walk!! I don't think I have ever done that in my life...oh wait.. there was that one time with the Army recruiter.. but that was a life or death situation! LOL So I am really excited. I think tomorrow I will start Week 4 of the C25K plan... as Spongebob would say.. I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready!!

Weight lifting is going awesome too.. I am lifting bigger numbers and am doing more push ups then ever before. I have to say that I am seeing a huge change in my body everyday.. and I'm loving it. Hubby is on his 7th week and I can see the huge change in him too. I think it motivates both of us to keep going when we see how great the other is doing!

Ok.. so 3.5 weeks until Thanksgiving and I want to be in the low 190's by then. I've got to watch my calories... drink my water... keep running...

Just a reminder... no matter what the scale says, or how much you went over your calories for the day... the important thing is that you not lose focus, get back up and keep running, fighting and loving what your doing!


Tiffany said...

Congrats on feeling stronger and running farther. I still remember the first time I ran a mile without walking, it felt great. Good job on the push ups - I still cannot do a real push up I have to put my knees on the floor but I am working on that.

de said...

hi tl; stay out of the girls hollarweenie candy

Laura N said...

Woohoo, great number on the scale, AWESOME running miles total! You are doing so great. And you're only on week 4 of C25K, wow!

Have a great week sweetie!

Christy said...

Way to go with your running! I always feel so empowered when I am physically challenging myself.

And I love your last paragraph, I think I will read it over and over because it's SO true and we should all remember it always. Thank you!

Christine said...

Seems like you are totally kicking ass with this running thing! Good for you! You got me there - I can't seem to make this gal run. Maybe I need a hottie holding a jar of peanut butter at the finish line for me! Ha.

You take care - and keep it up!

Cory said...

Good job this week. Keep it up. You've been a great inspiration!