Friday, October 19, 2007

Day 35:202

I'm not surprised about the 2 lb gain. Yesterday was a heavy weight lifting day.. so my muscles are storing water. I dont think its all water though.. yesterday meals were larger then usual so I need to really keep myself in line today... and for the rest of the weekend. I am really hoping to see a good loss on Monday morning.

I ran 1.5 miles this morning and lifted wieghts (focusing on my back). Besides watching my food, I really need to drink more water.

I'm afraid todays entry will be short and sweet. I have to get the house clean and pick up the girls room... I will see y'all on monday for (keep your fingers crossed) a great loss!!


Pokey said...

*fingers crossed*

(toes too!)


Laura N said...

Wow, 1.5 miles!! That is awesome. Yep, that scale can be uncooperative, but you have the right attitude and are keeping at it, regardless of how it's treating you. And look at your # of days! That is so excellent. Can you believe how much progress you have made, and are still making? Keep at it, girly.

Critter said...

All my fingers are crossed!!!