Monday, October 08, 2007

WI Day 24:201.5

Today is my Weigh In.. and no change. Which can be a good thing. At least I have managed to maintain. So it takes me another week to get to Onederland... at least I will have deserved it!! I also remember hearing that while losing weight at a steady pace you will see a big loss one week and a small loss the next. I dont know if not losing any weight counts.. but for my sake lets say it does!

I did not do any exorcise this weekend, as running 5 days in a row exhausted my legs. It was a good idea, this morning I ran with a new found energy and even managed to run for 5 minutes straight.. a record! I am supposed to be on Day 1 of Week 4 of C25K... but it killed me. In fact, I could not finish it. So I am going to repeat Week 3 and try week 4 again next week. Hopefully by then I will have dropped a couple of more pounds and will be ready to move on!

Food is great. My portions are great. I am finding it so much easier to pass up the junk food and go straight for the nourishing stuff! .. and if I do happen to be craving sweet.. I go for a Cliff Bar. Have you tried these? They are delicious.. and are not too bad in calories, as long as they are not your 2nd or 3rd snack for the morning! LOL

Water is flowing! I have been drinking 16-18 cups of water a day. Crystal Light has saved me a couple of times as well! No sugar, low in calories... and sweet.

Today I have a friend coming by to hang out and talk... always a welcome event! I will see y'all tomorrow!


Laura N said...

Well you are just doing great, girl. That attitude is gonna carry you through to SUCCESS! Yep, I defnitely had weeks when I didn't lose, and then would have a 2-3 pound loss over the course of a week. And repeating a week of C25K is perfectly fine. You are running! I repeated weeks a couple times, I think, esp when the run times got longer.

Keep up the great work. Hope you enjoyed your friend's visit.

de said...

hey tl i hope mcduff di[oes not come home early and catch you talking with a friend
then we will sewe how fast you can reun

Christine said...

You are putting me to shame with your water drinking! How can you do that?! Good for you!

Fatinah said...

keep up the great work - re-doing a week of C25k is a great idea....slow and steady wins the race!