Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day 34:200

Once again at the door step of Onederland. I think next week I will see myself staying in Onderland a little longer. Pretty soon Two Big Town will be a place of the past!

Well, I stepped into my closet yesterday and grabbed every pair of pants that were in there. Including the 'top shelf' clothes.. you know, the ones that you haven't been able to squeeze into in years.. but you keep 'just in case'! I piled them on the table. There were at least 30. I had that feeling you get when you step into a dressing room with an arm load of clothes, hoping that at least ONE thing would fit.

I started with the larger sizes...knowing that they would fit... and they did (without even unbuttoning them!) I ended up tossing 9 pairs of pants because they were too big!! They were all size 16-18.

Next came the 14's. The 'top shelf' pants. I was a little bit nervous... knowing that the last time I had tried on some of these pants they had not made it past my thighs. One leg slipped in...'hmmmm, that feels pretty roomy'.. then the other leg. I pulled them up with my eyes shut tight. They slid over my butt...they buttoned...OH MY GOD THEY FIT!!! One after another just slipped on! The wranglers I wore at my wedding (yes I wore jeans as a bride.. hey!! I married a cowboy!) had not fit for over 2 years.. and they fit great! Khakis that had never quite fit me right fit beautifully. I even fit into a pair of Ropers that I had not worn since my oldest girls 2nd birthday.. and they fit better then ever!

I felt really good.. but there was still one more group that I had to try. The 12's.. the 'single' pants.. the 'pre-baby' pants. I knew this group was probably not going to fit.. yet. But I wanted to see how far I had to go. Of the 10 jeans.. one of them actually did fit. They are stretchy.. but hey.. they still fit! The rest would go all the way up... but were a couple of inches away from buttoning. That's ok though.. I put them on the top shelf.. in a couple of months they will make there way down too!

I was so thrilled I called my hubby and bragged. He was really happy for me..and asked if I had thrown away any more pj's! LOL

Ok, so on to this morning. I woke up NOT ready to workout. For some reason I just wanted to lay in bed and read my book. All you mothers out there know that that is never an option! LOL... Anyway, I dragged myself out of bed, pulled on my tenny's, turned up the music and did my run on the tready. 20 minutes seemed like an hour. I did my shoulder weight circuit and then sat in front of the computer. I guess no matter how well you are doing, you are always going to have those days when you just don't want to work out. The great thing is.. I did it anyway! Now that is improvement.


Randi said...

Gosh you're funny. So cute.
YAY smaller pants! woohoo! that's great! You should take some progress pics when you're in the 1s for awhile.
And super yay for rocking the treadmill when you didn't feel like it. So proud of you!

Laura N said...

AWESOME! I loved shopping in my own closet for new clothes. You are doing SO EXCELLENTLY WELL. Proud of you for running even when you didn't wanna.

Hang on to at least one pair of those 16/18s. I still have my Levi's that are 16s and stretchy, and they are my "before" jeans that I'll keep forever. It was quite fun to try them on after I'd lost 40 pounds and see how far I'd come.

Keep at it woman!

de said...

very good tl.

Tiffany said...

Isn't it wonderful to be able to fit into those old jeans once again. You are doing great - keep it up!!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I know that shelf, the TOP shelf. Hooray for you. You are motivating me!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

WOO HOO!!!!!!

Christine said...

Super happy for you. I have one pair of pants that I can wear and I am soooo looking forward to going shopping tomorrow - I am hoping to get a couple pairs of pants to get me thru to the next step in this journey. I really don't want to spend alot of money because I don't plan to wear them forever. :)

Super happy 4 You! Keep at it!

groovybabe said...

This is fantastic news TL, it feels so great doesnt it??!! I felt like that recently when I got into a pair of jeans in a uk 18 that I have owned for 10 years but never worn! Amazing! Congrats!

Cory said...

That's fantastic! Glad to hear you were able to fit into so many things. I know your thrilled. Keep up the good work!

Mamacita Tina said...

Hurray for that wonderful feeling when you successfully "shop" in your closet! Awesome! And of course, CONGRATS!

Mama said...

So happy for you !!
Love you MOM

Salma Gundi said...

Congratulations on the top shelf pants :)