Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Day 33 P90X

I felt cruddy all day yesterday. Food was great, water could have been better. I was going to do Cardio X when I remembered that Hubby and I had switched days again and last night was my turn to go to Tang Soo Do. It took everything I had not to curl up under the covers and go to sleep. I took a really long shower, then had to rush to get dressed and head out the door. Once I got there I realized that I was going to get my new belt! 2nd Green! That made it a little more exciting. At least for the first 5 minutes. Then it was on to our warm-up. Layers and layers of push-ups and sit-ups. My abs are sore today! Anyway, I made it through class. Learned a lot.. and when I got home I felt like I had been re-charged. re-motivated. re-lets-get-this-doned!

Today I have my daily chores , which requires me to be outside 50% of the day. Now that the weather is getting nicer (although they did say 'possible snow' yesterday, WTH??) I am enjoying being out there. The girls can run around a little more now, and that leads to early bed times.. so you cant beat that!!

Today's Plan:

Chest, Shoulders & Triceps - 60 min
Ab Ripper - 20 min


Water, Food


Laura N said...

Glad you found some new energy after your class and congrats on picking up the new belt! It's amazing how much better you feel after you "just do it."

I can't believe how much work you guys do outside. Blows me away.

Jessica said...

"The girls can run around a little more now, and that leads to early bed times.. so you cant beat that!!"


We got the forecast for thunderstorms...we got clouds.
Stupid weather channel. They forget to factor in the crazy mountain portion of the weather. Nothing shows up here correctly!

Claire said...

You continue to amaze me, girl! You go!

And, I tagged you. I know you're busy, so don't feel obligated, but inquiring minds wanna know 7 things about you! :-)