Monday, May 26, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Its been a great weekend. Mom and I had a garage sale where we sold a good portion of what we had. The rest we are donating to Goodwill. I made close to $100... which was immediately spent on groceries. How sad is that. At least we have food now!

Its really hard to stay on a diet when you have very little money to feed 4 people for a week. Temptation leads me to the cheap boxed food, Mac 'N Cheese, Hot Dogs, Frozen Food and canned veggies. Luckily, today, the grocery store had some awesome sales that allowed me to buy lots of fresh veggies and fruit. I bought some red beans, brown rice and whole wheat pasta to act as fillers. The majority was spent on some frozen fish, sausage and red meat.

Today is Memorial Day. There isn't much going on in town so we are doing things around the house. Hubby put 3 layers of nests in the chicken coop. I cleaned them and put fresh hay in. Then he went and put some bunk beds in the girls' room. I am still extremely nervous watching them climb that ladder up and down. I just hope that when they fall (and we all know it will happen) it wont end in a broken limb.

I have not worked out for a week, excluding my TSD class on Thursday night. I am feeling a little bit lazy, but a little bit anxious to get my body moving again. I decided to get back into the program today. I am not going to count days.. because that just drives me wacko... but I will be keeping track on my calender as to what week I am in.

I have yet another motivation to add to my list. We have made the reservations and are headed to Disneyland again in October!! I am so excited. To add to that, we are taking the train!!! I would like to be down in the 170's by then ... I'll even settle for 179. I was at my highest in this picture at 215 lbs. I would love to get the same picture done this year to see the difference!

Today's Plan:

Chest & Back


Maybe a short run on the treadmill



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Robyn said...

Good for you, for heading to the healthy stuff in the grocery store!! That takes some major willpower!

Disneyland?! Fun, fun! I can't wait to see your next picture standing beside Goofey! :)