Thursday, May 01, 2008

Day 43 P90X

Sorry for the late post, but I was trying to catch up on a bunch of cleaning this morning... and if I had stopped I would have never gotten it done!

I have learned that writing down what I eat does not do me any good. It didn't seem to phase me that I had already written down 15 things before dinner. So this morning I hopped on Sparkpeople and planned out my meals for today. I totalled, including snacks, 1099 calories today. I know, that is not enough.. I will eat a power bar (220 cal) and maybe wait and see if I want to add some toast to dinner tonight (pot roast with potato and carrots). I think I will be fine.

Today's plan:

Core Synergistics
1 mile run


Stick to my planned meals for the day!

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Cory said...

I really need to start using the nutrition tracker on sparkpeople myself. It's the only feature of the site that I DON'T use. Maybe now that I'm cooking again, starting next week I hope, I'll actually put stuff in there...
Hope the tracking thing there helps you jout!