Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 42 P90X, Rest Day

Hubby has told me to stick to the Write What I Bite method. Apparently I am sneaking food.. Its not so much sneaking as it is mindless eating. Hubby watched me walk thru the kitchen, grab a slice of bread and eat it on the way to the girls room. Then on the way back I stopped once again in the kitchen looking for easy food (a spoon full off peanut butter). So, Hubby sweetly suggested I open my book once again and start writing down everything I eat. I was more embarrassed then mad... but I was glad that he had the guts to tell me I was messing up.

Today is a rest day. No exercise... which means I can focus a little more on food and water.

A couple of months ago I did a personal little challenge. I challenged myself to stick to my diet for 6 weeks. I ended up losing around 15 lbs. I think its time for that challenge again. I hate to use events as my goal dates.. but I seem to have a never ending supply of monthly gatherings that I would love to look good for! So, my challenge will be 10 weeks long. The ending date will be July 16th... our anniversary. Its also right in time for all the rodeos that go on around here. I wouldn't mind looking good in a pair of size 12 Wranglers this summer!! So.. I will start my first weigh in day next Thursday.

Today's Plan:

Stretch X (I have some really tight hamstrings)



Anonymous said...

Wow, what great progress you have made! :)

Fatinah said...

I think it is great that your husband found such a nice way to tell you - and the best part is that you know this is going to lead to success!!

Jill said...

Oh that damnable mindless eating - it's my downfall. Especially while I'm cooking or right after I get home from work. I could just munch my way through the kitchen and not even realize it. Good for you for writing it down!!