Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day 29 P90X

Yesterday I went to my Mom's house to visit. My Grandmother and Aunt live right down the street, so we stopped there first. They had just finished cleaning out their closets. Usually this didn't mean too much to me. My Aunt wears a Large and my Grandmother a petite Medium. For some reason they offered their clothes to me... could it be that I am finally looking smaller to everyone else?.... So I went thru them and took a huge pile of tops. I didn't want to come home with a bunch of shirts that didn't fit me so I tried them all on. Every single one of them fit! Even the mediums!! It was the best feeling. The fact that my arms fit in the sleeves of the mediums...I couldn't stop smiling.

My Grandmother was pretty proud of me.. so much so that she brought out a bag from Victoria Secrets. "I bought these bras a long time ago but they don't fit me right. Why don't you try them on". This statement blew me away. First of all, my Grandmother has always been a very petite woman and I have NEVER been! To think that her size would even wrap around me was crazy.. but I had to try. Are you ready for this? I now am the very proud owner of two beautiful size 38B bras from VS. I died when I looked in the mirror.

So, with a head (and closet) full of motivation to keep going, I am starting Day 29. Oh, and thanks to Randi.. this little picture comparison helped too.

Today's Plan:

Core Synergistics
Tang Soo Do

Focus: WWIB, water


Laura N said...

How awesome! I'm so glad others can see the change in you. It really does make you feel better and provide motivation. Glad you got some new clothes for $0.

J~Mom said...

That is just awesome!!! Having family recognize your efforts is so rewarding!

Robyn said...

That makes me look forward to the day that my mom asks me if I'd like to borrow some of her clothes. Even at 60 years old, she is more fashionable than I am!! hahaaa!! I love everything she wears, and I look forward to a day that I can borrow some of her stuff! Congrats to you, that you have worked so hard, and are finally feeling big results! And, that bra?! That's really cool! You deserve it! :)

FatMom said...

Cute pictures, TL! You're a lovely young lady! And cool beans about the new clothes!!! I love it!!! Super cool about the mediums fitting! That must have felt so wonderful! Congrats!

Hanlie said...

You are so pretty! And yes, your hard work is very apparent.

It's always nice to get some new (to you) clothes!

SuccessWarrior said...

In a couple months, you'll have to return them because they are too big. =)