Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day 32 P90X

Every day that I wake up now I feel like I have accomplished something... I feel strong. My body feels like an engine that , after 5 million miles, has finally received a tune up. At the thought of the days workout ahead I get... giddy. My body welcomes the challenge... Better yet, my MIND welcomes the challenge. I no longer try to find an excuse to bow out of exorcise. Now I think of ways to challenge my body even more.

Food has finally become a fuel to me instead of a crutch. I look towards the healthy foods first when I am hungry.. and if I do glance at the junk food it has no pull on me.

I don't dare give myself the comfort of thinking that I have mastered this way of life.. I know that I will have my bad days.. I know that there will be a day when working out will not look so tempting. I will remember the feeling I have right now.. .and hopefully this will carry me thru those bad days.

Today's Plan:

Yoga X
walk, walk, walk

Focus: WWIB, water

NSV: I put on a pair of jeans yesterday that I used to stuff myself into back in the day. They fit perfectly. I even tucked in my shirt and wore a belt!

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