Sunday, April 06, 2008

Day 19 P90X

I will admit that I had a rough weekend. Food, water, exorcise and attitude were all off. I ate pizza, chocolate, ice cream... I missed my Sunday Yoga class... and worst of all, I didn't care. At least not until this morning. I had the morning guilt trip... and I hate that. There was a rock in the pit of my stomach and I just kept thinking WHY?? Why would I ruin a whole week of working hard with one day of pure stupidity?

Well, I cant go back in time and change what I did.. so I have to just forgive myself. Slap my hand and say 'NO'... and tell myself to never do that again! Today is a new day.. a fresh start. I made up my Yoga class first thing this morning. This afternoon I will do my Legs & Back routine and then go to Belly Dancing class. There will be no lack of exorcise today. What I need to focus on is my food. I had a Cliff bar this morning after Yoga class and four glasses of water. I need to drink 4 more glasses before lunch.. which will be a tuna salad. NOW.. if I can just keep myself out of the kitchen until then!

Today's Plan:

Yoga - done
Legs & Back
Ab Ripper X
Belly Dancing class
walk, walk, walk


Hanlie over at FertileHealthy sent me 5 questions to they are!

1. Does motherhood live up to the expectations you had before becoming
a mother?

To be honest, I never dreamed of becoming a mother. I was more interested in traveling, working, drinking, partying. Kids were never in my mind. It was when I suddenly found myself pregnant that I had to actually sit down and face it. I didn't get a chance to worry about being a mother too much while I was pregnant. I was trying to work things out with the Daddy... I suffered severe All-Day-Long sickness and also tried to hold down a job. When I was 5 months pregnant I moved in with Daddy. That is when I finally got the chance to soak it all in. I was happy, in love and it was all falling in place.

The whole 'motherhood' did not hit me until the morning that I gave birth to a beautiful little girl. That is when reality hit me square in the face and I fell head over heels in love with her. She was, and is, a blessing in my life. Everyday brings a new challenge, a new 'moment' where you just have to stop and say thank you!

Having two girls now is double the blessing... and double the trouble....but I wouldn't change a thing!

2. How romantic are you?

I have a favorite memory. To me it was the most romantic thing Hubby ever did. I was standing at the stove making dinner. The girls were running around the living room listening to the radio. An old country song came on and before I new what was going on Hubby had swung me around and started dancing with me. At this point he and I had been married for 2 years... AND I HAD NO IDEA HE COULD DANCE!!!! He twirled me and rocked me... and I was in love again!

3. What is your biggest dream for the future?

There are a million things that I could answer here...but the biggest would be to see my girls grow up into smart young women. The future is a scary place now...I fear for them and what they might have to face...I just pray that I will give them what they need to survive it!

4. If you could have any vacation, with cost and time not an issue,
what would it be?

Hubby and I never had a honeymoon... so I would want to take him (and the girls) to Ireland. Stay in a small cottage by the sea...and lay back and enjoy the beauty!

5. What makes you laugh out loud?

Life! Everyday I find a reason to just bust open and laugh. Usually its thanks to my girls... or my Hubby.. or a friend... Life is good, enjoy it!


Fatinah said...

mmm, sounds like we had the same weekend. good on you for moving on.

Hanlie said...

Awesome answers! I really enjoyed learning more about you!

As for the weekend... you didn't just waste a whole week's worth of hard work. That work still counts! Don't shame yourself over it... It's done, it's not the end of the world and it's probably not the last time it will happen. So what? You're doing great!