Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Almost Day 21 P90X.....

It is 8:33 pm... I just finished doing my Kempo workout. I am writing tonight because I feel like I need to put this down on paper (or computer screen) before I change my mind overnight! Not that I would... but I feel better writing what I am feeling right now while they are fresh in my mind.

I have been working my **ass** off for 3 weeks now and while I am seeing slight changes in my body I am not losing what I could be... and I know why. My diet is horrendous. I eat and eat and eat. Its all healthy food...I just eat 3000 calories of healthy food. So, after getting sick to my stomach after dinner tonight I realized that I am only hurting myself by eating like this.

Tomorrow I am sticking to a strict daily diet:

Breakfast: Oatmeal and one piece of fruit
Lunch : Salad with Tuna Fish
Snack: Fruit or Vegetable
Dinner: Salad with vegetable stir fry or fish

That's it. I will not stray from this diet for a week and see what my loss will be NEXT Wednesday.

Exorcise is important to losing weight... and it is usually the hardest part for people to do. For some reason its the easiest part for me. Food is my challenge. Time to concur it.


groovybabe said...

Food is my biggest challenge too. That is not a lot of calories you intent on consuming though. Make sure you're eating at least about 1200 to ensure your motabolism stays at its peak. :)

debby said...

Hi Tigerlily, I agree with groovybabe. I am worried about you doing so much exercise and not eating enough--it can just backfire on you--you can deprive yourself for so long and then your body just starts looking for food!

But I am frustrated too. After being too loose with food on my vacation, I have been very good for the past two days, and my weight is actually up, and I am supposed to go weigh in today. Frustrating with all the walking/jogging I am doing as well as my weight lifting exercises.

How bout switching the chocolate for some high fiber low fat alternatives? Have you tried the w.w. pumpkin muffins (I make them using chocolate cake batter.) Or Fiber ONe chocolate chip bars--delicious, but can cause more than their fair share of gas...(I live alone, so think they are worth it!)

Anyways, tigerlily, thanks again for the walking challenge. It came at just the right time for me. And, I am jealous of your new baby chicks--I just love chickens, but only have 6 old ones left, have to build something better for them before I can get new ones. I will be watching to see what you come up with.

Fatinah said...

please be careful that you eat ENOUGH for the amount of exercise you do. I'm guessing if you saw a nutritionist they would put you around 1500 or so a day.....keep up the good work!!

J~Mom said...

I could have written this!! I work my butt off with exercise only to maintain or even gain!!!! ARGH!!!!!

So I just started fresh this week and so far I am at least where I should be. Now to see if I can lose anything!!