Friday, April 18, 2008

Day 30 P90X, Its All About Survival

The other night Hubby was watching one of his shows on T.V.. As I was leaving the room (to do a workout) I heard the guy in the show say:

"It wasn't for vanity, it was for survival."

That line stuck in my head the whole time I worked out. That sentence sums up my quest in all of this. I am and will fully enjoy the fact that my body is looking better every day, but in all reality I'm not doing it to look beautiful on the outside. I'm doing it to live longer and look beautiful on the inside. Hanlie wrote this, and I have to say that it is my goal too:

Someone asked me whether, with that level of health, one would just die of natural causes. Barring accidents, yes! But I am less concerned about how I’m going to die and more concerned with the quality of my life. I want to be robust and active, without degenerative diseases until the very end. How many people over sixty do you know who have no medical conditions, not even high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol? How many people in their 80’s and 90’s are still active and in possession of all their faculties?

I intend to be. You can too!

The only thing I could add is this. I know how I DON'T want to die... and right now I am changing that.... and winning.

Today's Plan:

Cardio X
Walk, Walk, Walk

Focus: WWIB, Water


Fatinah said...

that quote was referring to bullying - not being healthy. And it was the ever lovely, ever yummy Shemar Moore that said it.

I can relate though. When my end comes, I want to know that I did everything within my capabilities to be around longer - and a healthy lifestyle is one of those things I can control.

Laura N said...

Yeah, being healthy is definitely a bonus. And being able to run around and play with your kids without getting worn out is the best. But truly, I lost weight so I'd look good in clothes. If someone told me I'd live to 100 but could still weigh 200 pounds, I'd still want to lose weight so I'd look better. I guess I'm vain like that. =)

Hope you enjoy your weekend!