Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 34 P90X

I have been eating... a lot. I think it is due to being stressed. Hubby is out of town again. I thought I would do better with my eating, but am finding myself in the kitchen every hour looking through the cupboards (thank God there is nothing bad in there to eat). I have not exercised because I do not have the energy... the girls are constantly fighting with each other and they are tired of listening to me... so they don't. My youngest wont let go of me (really! she is constantly grabbing on to my pants) and when I do try to workout she cries. I am going crazy because I am so thrown off my routine that I could cry.

I am supposed to take my Green belt test in Tang Soo Do on Thursday night, but I have not had a chance to go over any of my forms.... I really just want to slam a chocolate cake in my face... speaking of cake. My birthday is on Friday. 30 years old. Its not the age that I am depressed about. Its the fact that I am no where near the weight I promised myself to be by now. My weight?? I have been bouncing between 195 and 197 for months now. MONTHS.

I just want to cry.

Today's Plan:

Kenpo X

exercise, water


Jill said...

Aw TL! Keep your chin up girl - you are so smokin hot right now that the numbers don't matter!!

It's always hard when routines are upset. Whenever hubby goes out of town I marvel at how the single moms of the world do it every day. I go crazy after just a couple of days!!

Things will be better soon I promise.


Claire said...

I'm so sorry you're having a bad time. I wish we could just throw out those STUPID scales, that we could stop letting them affect the way we feel about ourselves.

I second what Jill said. You look fantastic, and I'll bet you feel a lot better than before you started this journey. Don't give up. We all have bad days.

I can totally relate, btw. I've gained back 12 of the 35 I lost, and it's all due to stress. Prayer is my stress reliever, and I don't give God enough of my time. *sigh*

Praying for you today.

Claire said...

"I don't dare give myself the comfort of thinking that I have mastered this way of life.. I know that I will have my bad days.. I know that there will be a day when working out will not look so tempting. I will remember the feeling I have right now.. .and hopefully this will carry me thru those bad days."

Here ya go. A very motivated, wise woman wrote that a few days ago. :-)

groovybabe said...

You may have stayed the same weight for months (me too!) but you have come so far in improving your health. While we all want to look better, our internal health comes first and you've come on leaps and bounds with it. Just keep doing the exercise and cutting your calories (maybe youre having too few and thats why your body is telling you to binge, that happened to me last week) and eventually you'll see the difference. You've lost weight before you know its possible. We'll all get there, snails pace - winners grace! (I just made that up heehee)

Fatinah said...

you may be bouncing around on the pounds - but girl - you're nailing the inches...focus on that today and stay the heck away from cake! ;-)

FatMom said...

Awww, TL...hang in there! I feel ya right now...but hang on!!

J~Mom said...


impressed said...


I stumbled onto your blog looking for p90x reviews, after searching on Technorati.

I just wanted to let you know that your progress pictures are amazing! The difference between your "before" picture and your 30 Day P90X picture is really inspiring.

Don't lose heart, what you've accomplished so far is great!