Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day 35 P90X

A girl would be lost without her friends... thanks to all of you who left such awesome comments yesterday.

After 900+ calories of chocolate, Hubby came home last night. (not because I was dying here without him, but because they were done with the job) He arrived just in time for me to go to a Tang Soo Do class... and it was the best class I've ever been to. It could have been the screaming (of adults) or the dripping sweat that made it so great... but I think it was the fact that after having such a bad day (emotional and calorie wise) I was able to get my mind back on track and my muscles hurting again.

Claire reminded me of what I had written just days ago:
I don't dare give myself the comfort of thinking that I have mastered this way of life.. I know that I will have my bad days.. I know that there will be a day when working out will not look so tempting. I will remember the feeling I have right now.. .and hopefully this will carry me thru those bad days

Yesterday was definitely my bad day...and I think what made it so hard for me was the fact that I was thrown off my routine..(and not because of me).. I'm not sure why that affected my mood and my eating, but it hit me hard. I know its going to happen now and then...I just need to make sure that it doesn't last for more then one day!!

Like I've said before, tomorrow is my Tang Soo Do test. I don't know if any of you have ever taken a martial arts, but the tests are usually pretty brutal. They not only test your knowledge but your endurance. I'm excited and totally freaked out at the same time. My Sah Bum Nim (teacher in Korean) thinks I am ready.. and he would be the only one who would know!

Today I am Juice Feasting. I'm not sure if doing it for one day will actually do any good, but my body needs a good cleaning **cough**cuziateallthatchocolate**cough** and my body is craving it today. I also need to double up on water.. I am super dehydrated, I could feel it in class last night, and that is the last thing I need.

As for my 30th birthday... I have to realize that I have done a lot with my body since I started this journey. The numbers on the scale shouldn't have that much pull on me... and like Fatinah said :
you may be bouncing around on the pounds - but girl - you're nailing the inches.
.. I have lost a lot of inches!! So I'm not the tiny 170 I wanted to be on my birthday.. I AM in a size 14 (down from a 20) and looking HOT!

Today's Plan:

Stretch X

water, juicing

(the girls are still a little grabby, but we are meeting some friends at the park today and I am hoping to get some laps in after they get warn out from playing. Now why didn't I think of doing this yesterday????)


J~Mom said...

That sounds just like DH just reminded me last night of how many sizes I have lost..not pounds but sizes.

Glad you are feeling better today!

Robyn said...

Happy Late Birthday! And, sorry you had a rough day the other day....that dang scale is stubborn and mean sometimes, but like you said - you are down to a size 14 from a TWENTY - - and looking HOTT! (gotta have two T's on there, because that means super-sexy-hot) ;)

Jill said...

OH I am so glad you are feeling better today!!

Good luck on the Tang test tomorrow! (that makes it sound like you are taste-testing orange drinks!!) You will rock it!!

Tiffany said...

The pounds might not being coming off right now but girl you have some muscles. I way less than you but I don't have near the muscles that you have. You have a killer stomach!!

Maybe a visit or two to a nutrionist might help you lose some more pounds.

Fatinah said...

Tigerlilly's back!

Laura N said...

Glad you are feeling better today. I know it's tough when your routine gets knocked out of whack. I battle that all the time. All I want to do is eat when things get bad, just to get numb. Like since everything is crap, I deserve to eat all the carbs & fat. It's messed up thinking and I'm still trying to work on it.

You DO look great. I know it's frustrating when the scale won't move. You'll figure it out. Keep on keepin' on.

Good luck with your test and Happy Early BDay! 30s are awesome. I finally felt like I was a real grownup when I reached 30.