Thursday, April 03, 2008

Day 15 P90X, 0 miles :)

I did it! Well, actually, I did nothing!! LOL Yesterday was an official rest day and it felt... to be honest it felt like I didn't accomplish as much as usual. I know it sounds weird, but my morning workouts get me going and I get all my housework done before lunch. Then the afternoon is spent doing stuff with the girls...and the afternoon winds down with yet another workout! Yesterday the house did not get completely clean, the laundry is still in the dryer and I did not get a good nights sleep last night. Hmmm, do you think I'm a work-out-a-holic? I do feel ready to go again today.. and that is a good thing.

Today is the start of week 3! I cant believe how fast this month is going. At the end of week 4 I will take another picture to put on the side lines... I am anxious to see the changes that P90X are doing.

0 miles yesterday... means I need to do some catch up walking! I'm not sure how, but I will think of something.

Today's Plan:

Core Synergistics
Tang Soo Do
Walk, Walk, Walk

Focus: Water, Calories

In other news:

If you have kids then you have seen the cartoon Lazy Town. I love this cartoon because it gets my kids up and moving and trying to dance along with Sportacus! I wanted to send out a big thank you to this man, who cares about getting our kids moving and eating right!!

Magnús Örn Scheving (pronounced skeev-ing) (born November 10, 1964) is a writer, producer, entrepreneur, comedian and a famous Icelandic athlete. He is best known as the creator and co-star of the children's television show LazyTown, in which he plays the superhero Sportacus.

Scheving was born in the capital Reykjavík, but grew up in the small town of Borgarnes. In 1992 he became the Icelandic Men's Individual Champion in Aerobic Gymnastics. In 1993, he became the Scandinavian champion, and was the European champion twice in 1994 and 1995. He was voted Athlete of the Year by Iceland in 1994.

He is the CEO, creator, and co-founder of LazyTown Entertainment. This company produces books, videos, games, and sporting goods to help promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle to children. He is also creator of the show LazyTown (Latibær in Iceland), where he plays Sportacus (Íþróttaálfurinn).


Jill said...

I don't mind telling you I had a serious crush on Sportacus when that show first came out! I mean, wow!! He is one fit superhero! My kids love LazyTown, but the puppets freak me out a little!

BTW, I married a redneck too!! He's from Tennessee and would live outdoors if I let him! =)

Robyn said...

Sportacus is hot...but I don't care for the show. I just can't bear to look at the villian...he's so strange! haha
Glad you had a rest day...and I can totally see how you didn't get all the stuff accomplished that you normally do. Your body just thought to itself, "today is rest day. I don't want to do the laundry..."
Still doing great though, and are you planning to post the progress photo on here??

Cara said...

I also get soo much more done when I workout. It really just kick me into over drive!