Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day 39 P90X, Babies and SNOW!!!

Yesterday my friend Jess had her third baby. Benjamin. I got to go to the hospital in the afternoon and hold him. He is beautiful... even though he cried the whole time I held him. Apparently I have lost 'the touch'... that or I was just lucky to have girls because boys don't like me!! Anyway, I felt the little twitches in my heart that were saying 'I wish I could have another baby'... Not having the choice is what really screws me up, because I know that had I not had my hysterectomy I would be doubling up on the protection and standing firm on my NO MORE BABIES choice. But when the choice is taken away, I think that is when you start playing mind games with yourself.

I write all of this while my girls are playing Sea Monsters and screaming at the top of their lungs!! I have been blessed with two....that was all I needed!!

I told Jess to hang onto his baby clothes for me so I could make her a baby quilt. I made this one when I knew that there would be no more babies. It still has a little sewing down to do.. but I love it. The green and white outfit with the hat was my favorite outfit on them.. so I showcased it! If you would like one of these (even if you only have one baby outfit left from those days) I am willing to make them for $150 each. Email me for more info!

My kids are suffering from cabin fever.. and its freaking May! The snow level dropped today to 6500 feet... Its COLD and cloudy...looks like another day of closet cleaning!

In other news, I have been asked to help put together a Benefit Roping on June 7th! Two local college students have made it to the National College Rodeo Finals in Wyoming... this is a HUGE deal. The problem is our local college are a bunch of flakes that dropped the ball and said that they would not fund the trip for the boys. So, we are putting together this roping where all the entry fees and money made will go straight to these boys. (They need to raise $3000 for the trip) I have so far managed to get a bicycle donated from Kmart to raffle off at the rodeo... I am making beans, hamburgers and hot dogs to sell at the food court there.. and we are also working with the boys parents (who are very good friends of ours) and hosting a dinner and dance at the rodeo ground on May 30th. I am really hoping that we raise enough money. If they win the finals they will get a full scholarship to the University... and a chance to get into the Pro-rodeo circuit. Chaulk (one of the boys) is a good boy and has worked hard to get here. He and his partner roper are the best in the West.. as far as colleges go. Any ideas that you all might have at raising money?? Share with me!!

Today's Plan:

Cardio X
Tang Soo Do class


Calories... I just stuffed myself on pancakes!! bleh!


FatMom said...

Oh, my goodness! What a great idea for a quilt! I miss all those baby clothes, too! I've kept just one outfit from each kid and about once a year, I haul out the "special box" and go through it all. Hard to believe that my "baby," who is now nearly 5'8" and 116 pounds...nearly 13 years old...used to fit into those tiny things! Congratulations on all the good stuff happening for you, Tigerlilly!

Jill said...

As far as fund raisers - you can do a ton of things - pancake breakfast, car wash, have a dinner/auction if you can get things donated. I think the dinner/dance sounds like fun!! Good luck, I hope they make it all the way!

Cory said...

That quilt is awesome. What a terrific idea!
Good luck on the fundraiser. Another good idea might be a bake sale silent auction. Get some folks to make their best desserts, then sell them through a silent auction.

Tiffany said...

191 - that is wonderful - congrats!!!! Next the quilt is beautiful. Finally I understand the kiddo thing. We are done having kids but at the sametime I would love more just withouth the no sleep thing.

Hanlie said...

Ah, I love babies and your quilt is awesome! I knitted a baby blanket last year. Spot the problem here - no baby! Yet!

Anonymous said...

Hey TL, good to hear you are doing so well! The quilt is awesome. I am a quilter too. Congrats on your weight loss. Do you do Hungrygirl? she has some fantastic recipes. This morning I had one of my all time favorites--Blueberry pancakes, 3 W.W. points for 3. Here is where the recipe is: http://www.hungry-girl.com/chew/chewdetails.php?isid=1038