Friday, May 23, 2008


I am slowly, very slowly, getting back to normal. Last night I went to my Tang Soo Do class where we worked on our weapons. Thank goodness, because that meant an easy night. Just moving my staff around exhausted me, and I found myself focusing on relaxing my stomach muscles so that I wouldn't shake so much. I made it through class and home. This morning I feel ok. Just ok. I cant believe I've been feeling icky for a whole week. Every time I think I am over it and start doing chores I get winded and then dizzy. Its been a whole week since I have done P90X... so I have quit counting the days and will start at day 1 next Monday. No use in stressing out over what I cant control.

It is the end of May and we are looking at snow. Just to give you and idea of how strange this is, the last time it snowed in this town , this late in May , was 100 years ago. I can honestly say that I am sick of this weather. It was 92 on Monday and 34 on Friday... I am just hoping that none of our corn crop freezes.

On top of it snowing outside, I now have 10 more baby chicks inside. I don't mind them too much. The little chirping is really quite relaxing. Its my girls that drive me crazy with them. I am constantly having to go in there and count them to make sure that one isn't lost in the black hole (a.k.a. my daughters room) or dead from over-petting.

Tonight is the Sheriff's Posse Benefit Roping. If this weather clears up we will be going. It is fun to watch all the cowboys... and will be even more fun to watch my Father In Law who has signed up to rope along side my brother in law....(who, as of lately, has been too drunk to stay in the saddle)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like we have a lot in common. I have two small kids. I live on a farm. I hear you about the chicks in the house. I just had baby turkeys in the house. We have cows, turkeys, deer, chickens, and dogs. Your kids look like they enjoyed camping. They're cuties.

Hanlie said...

I was hoping you'd be better by now! Don't push yourself too hard physically if your body is not ready to handle the workload. It's not worth it!

Laura N said...

Glad you are feeling better!!! What an ucky night. Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

My goodness - snow in May? That is cold! Although saying that, about a month ago, just after I had moved into my new flat in south London we did have a couple of days with a few inches of snow. Back then (early April) some of us did wonder if spring / summer was ever going to arrive!

Best wishes for a nice weekend,