Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Joy of Family....

I'm talking about my family, of course! With all this crud happening with the in-laws my family has let me know that they are in my corner 100%. My sister and I talked on the phone...she even offered to fly down and kick their butts for me!! Thanks J... but I think if it comes to butt kicking, I'll be OK ;) (Aunt J... I love ya!)

So... are you dying to know how the Benefit Dinner and Dance went? Drum roll please......

We DOUBLED what we were trying to raise. Making over $6,000. The boys are going to Wyoming!!! They were so excited. We were all excited!

The dinner was delicious... and as everyone was sitting down to eat we had an auction set up. Almost EVERY business on the mountain donated something to auction off. Including 5 pieces of framed art, 3 horses, an 800 lb beef on the hoof, a bicycle, a saddle, tools, purses, decorations, kittens, puppies, dinners, oil changes, windshield repair..... everything you could imagine. The auction alone raised the 3,000 we needed.

Once the last of the items were auctioned off the band started playing, the tables and chairs were swept off to the side and the dancing started. The best looking couple on the floor??

Four years old and two stepping on the dance floor with the roughest cowboy she could find! We are in SO much trouble!
Hubby and I danced a little... although I was exhausted by the time I was done handling all the money for the auction... and then cleaning the kitchen because 'the family' left in a huff once all the dinners were served. I didn't mind though. I felt proud of myself for not letting them run me off like they were hoping they had done. There were no words exchanged... they ignored me like I thought they would. I would catch them glaring at me now and then... but who cares! I was having fun meeting new people!
I'm already feeling better!
Have a great weekend!


P.O.M. said...

Two-steppin' already? How cute!!!

(You were right, I was talking about men. Not really shoes.)

Anonymous said...

Does that "roughest cowboy" on the dance floor have a broken arm covered in green plaster?

I expect he was doing something "rough" when that happened !!

Anonymous said...

That is the most adorable photo!!! How sweet!!

I'm proud of you for being the person you are!!! You are invincable!!


P.S. I'll come over and kick some A$$ for you too ... free of charge!! LOL

Carol Bardelli said...

Your daughter is adorable. I've always been a sucker for a cowboy too.

Congrats in the fund raiser.

And as a fellow P90Xer, if you need a Kenpo Karate butt kicker I'm also available.

Carol Bardelli said...

I meant congrats ON the fund raiser. That's an awesome effort.