Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm Baaaaa-aaaaaack!!!!

'FAT' can be like quicksand. Once you stray from the path of 'HEALTHY' it drags you in until soon it is almost impossible to get out. That is what this last week felt like to me. Everyday that I didn't work out made me feel like I was sinking deeper. Hubby was my lifesaver yesterday. He did his workout, ran on the treadmill and hit the heavy bag for awhile. (All this while I lay watching TV) When he was done he came up to me.... "OK, its your turn!" I think it had become obvious that I had lost motivation. Being sick did zap all my energy, but I think it was not working out that kept it from coming back.

Yesterdays work out consisted of 218 push-ups (2 sets of 6 different positions) , 76 pull-up (2 sets of 3 different grips) and 90 reps of back weights. 30 mins on the treadmill set on 'uphill' at 3.5 mph., 50 crunches and a good stretch.

I felt fantastic the entire time. This morning I feel ten times better. My stomach is back to normal and my energy has increased by double. I hopped on the scale out of curiosity and it is at 193... so not too much damage was done. I should be back to 191 by next Monday... maybe even a loss!!

This Friday night is a benefit dinner and dance at the local rodeo grounds. All the money goes towards those two boys who made it to the National College Rodeo Finals in Wyoming. My sister in law and myself are the only cooks.... I don't even know yet what my job will be. There will be live music and lots of dancing too.... I have to get a babysitter so that Hubby and I can both go and have a good time. (After I feed all those people!) I am really hoping that an old pair of 'dancing jeans' from the old days will fit. I want to look good out there!

Did anyone watch the first part of the Andromeda Strain last night?? It was frickin good... and just when I was all in to it.... 'To Be Continued'. I have to get Hubby to take my place in class tonight to I can watch it. How bad is that! LOL.... maybe I should go to class just for thinking that I would rather stay home and watch TV!!!!

Today's Plan:
Tang Soo Do

water and calories


Tiffany said...

I am so glad you had a great workout. I would love to be able to accomplish the type of workout out you do!!

Laura N said...

Glad you are feeling better and are back at it. that's a lot of pushups!

lisah said...

Hi Tigerlilly,

I know that this pertains to a previous post, but at one point you were looking for fund raiser ideas for the boys that qualified for the National College Rodeo Finals...does your state require a deposit on bottles and cans?? If so, many organizations in my state use can and bottle drives to raise money. It is easy, people love to get rid of the cans, and it doesn't "hurt" as much to give. Just a thought (as I was putting my bottle in the recycle bin!)

Anonymous said...

"'FAT' can be like quicksand. Once you stray from the path of 'HEALTHY' it drags you in until soon it is almost impossible to get out."

This is so true. I think on many of my previous weight loss attempts when I fell off the wagon I found myself going back to bad habits and not exercising and becoming a lard bucket all too quickly.

Fatinah said...

I'm in awe of how many push ups you can do!

Isn't it amazing how much of this battle is in our own heads? I'm so glad that you won the last scuffle!!