Friday, May 02, 2008

Day 44 P90X, WANTED: Motivation

I am getting lazy. My morning workout has fizzled to nothing, my food is fast and easy to make = not healthy food. I am eating WAY too much bread and cheese (which is not good for my belly since I am lactose intolerent). I am bloated and feel terrible. Thanks to Hanlie I have found a fantastic motivational speaker by the name of Craig Harper...and in one of his post (titled 'Eight Steps to Getting Out Of That Rut') he writes this:

Sometimes life feels like quicksand - unpleasant, messy, exhausting and like you're about to sink at any moment. And all too often it seems like one of those baggage carousels at the airport where you feel like you're getting somewhere for a moment, only to end up in the exact same place on a regular basis. Again and again and again. Groundhog day. If only someone would throw you a rope for the quicksand situation or come and collect you from the carousel.

Well, more than likely nobody's gonna show, so you may have to do something about it yourself.

1. Stop waiting to be rescued from your situation. Others might help, encourage, support and even cheer you on (all good things) - but ultimately the only person who can genuinely change your life is you. So stop looking in the wrong place. It's not about finding the right book, program or guru, it's about finding some courage and self control. Deep down, most of us know exactly what we need to do, the only problem is... it freaks us out! Take control of your life today; your relationships, your body, your finances, your career and your attitude. Control what you can and don't waste energy on what you can't. Hate to tell you but the Dude with the red boots and the 'S' on his chest; not real. He ain't gonna show. You'll have to rescue yourself.

2. Consciously achieve at least one Personal Growth goal per day. Do something every day (yep, every single day) that you should do but probably wouldn't have done, had you not read this article or made a new commitment. It might be something huge like going to A.A. for the first time, it might be something like healing a damaged relationship or it could be something simple (but significant nonetheless) like going for a twenty minute walk or reducing your chocolate intake by half. As you tick those boxes day after day, your thinking will change, your motivation will increase, you'll become more productive and proactive, and pretty soon you'll be living in a different place. But make sure you do it every day, not just when it's convenient!

3. Stop hoping for a solution and start creating one. They say that a person without hope is lost. Well, I gotta tell you that hope by itself ain't gonna getcha there. Wherever there is. "Let's hope for the best and see what happens" - nice sentiment and all, but not a very helpful or practical strategy for a better life. Useless in fact. The let's-keep-our-fingers-crossed mentality doesn't usually (okay, ever) result in positive long-term change. A better future ain't about luck, destiny, fate and it definitely ain't about hoping that success will find you or that things will work themselves out (one of my least fave cop-outs). Things don't work themselves out; we work them out.

4. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get some perspective. Easier said than done, but very possible. The truth is that all too often we make our life harder than it needs to be. Of course life is one lesson after another, but that's the best part isn't it? That's where we grow, learn, adapt, get strong and become more effective. Or... get a little deeper in our rut. Sometimes we need to step outside of our reality (problems, challenges, environment) to understand and appreciate what we really have and how tough our life isn't. A few years back I went to South Africa with a friend of mine who works for a charity. For two weeks we worked with children infected with the A.I.D.S. virus. When I returned home my problems didn't really seem like problems. At all. I was the only problem I had. The only thing that really needed to change was me. It wasn't about my life, it was about me in it.

5. Change your attitude. Yes an obvious statement I know, but the attitude we take into every situation, circumstance and conversation LARGELY determines the results we create in our life; good attitude - good (or better) outcomes, bad attitude - bad (or worse) outcomes. Don't believe me? Hang out with someone with a bad attitude for a while and tell me what you discover. It seems that I'm one of the few who espouses the 'attitude is a choice' school of thought. Contrary to popular opinion (of some), I believe that the vast majority of us can make today, or any day, good or bad, positive or negative - by choice. Of course we'll have better and worse days, a few hurdles, problems and unforeseen speed humps (we call that life), but let's create the best outcomes possible despite what happens to us, or around us. I spoke to a woman recently who has transformed her life over the last six months. I asked her what made the difference and she told me "I got to a point where I was honestly sick at the sound of my own negativity, complaining and excuses. It was like one day I woke up, realised what I was like and I didn't enjoy what I saw, so I changed. Sounds unbelievable but it's true." And I can tell you; it is true. She is a different person - because she made that decision.

6. Get involved in a project other than yourself! The more self-absorbed we are, the unhappier we'll be and the longer we'll stay in our rut. Ironically, sometimes the answer to overcoming some of our issues is to not focus on (obsess about) our issues. Weird huh? When we become more focused on giving (rather than getting) amazing things happen. We often find a new sense of purpose, we feel needed, wanted and appreciated and we start to shift from a negative to a positive mindset. From selfish to selfless. Nearly every Christmas day I work with the homeless, serving them lunch and it is honestly the best Christmas present I could get.

7. Get in shape. Of course the Exercise Scientist is gonna say that. Well, the research (and observation) does tell us that if you're out of shape physically, there's a high likelihood you'll be out of shape emotionally and/or psychologically (in a rut). Of course we are much more than a mere body, but it's no small coincidence that both obesity and depression are both reaching epidemic proportions at about the same time. And no, the obesity is not (necessarily) causal (the sole reason for the depression), but there is definitely a significant relationship.

8. Find an Accountability Partner. If you're serious about this, then it's often a good idea to use a coach, mentor, friend (etc.) to kick your butt, encourage you, provide feedback, keep you accountable to your commitment and to periodically stop you from sulking and losing the plot.

I need to get my day started bloggers... with a really good workout!

Today's Plan:

Core Synergistics


Food and water...


Running Knitter said...

Excellent post! Thank you!

Robyn said...

This seems pretty simple, but I swear half of my daily motivation comes from reading other peoples' blogs - people who stay on track day after day. Today, it's Zeusmeatball's blog that has done it for me. He's stuck with his plan from day ONE, and I don't think he's strayed from his plan any at all. I don't feel that I can do THAT good, but I can look at his blog and see that he's still hangin in there, and it makes me want to hang in there, too! And you?? Yours keeps me going, too. I'm not too worried that you've lost a little motivation today - or tomorrow - because I know I can depend on you to get back up on that pony and keep galloping your way to your ultimate goal of awesome health!! :D It's okay to have a bad day or two every now and'll get back into your groove soon enough. Enjoy what you can, and get back to work again. I like those tips that you posted. All great ideas. I think in order for me to start exercising like you have been, I'll just about have to have a trainer or an "accountability partner" to force me to do good. I'm so impressed with you, that you've done so much on your own - and no matter how much it sucks sometimes, you know it is best for you, so you keep going! :D Thanks for showing me that it IS possible to get fit and in shape without having to join a gym, hire a personal trainer, or have tons and tons of free time to exercise. You are a great example of how a busy mommy CAN do it!

P.O.M. said...

So true! I love it. I just sent this to a friend that is really struggling with weight loss.

Thanks for sharing. You always find such good stuff!

Tiffany said...

So does this mean you are slowing down on the challenge and I might try to catch up to you???

Hanlie said...

I think Craig Harper is just great! I really NEED his brand of motivation.