Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Day 116

The weather here is terrible. The fog has set in and you cant see past the front door. What little snow we got has turned to ice, but 10 miles down the road hubby says they got snow dumped on them. Ha!

I managed to get to the college yesterday morning. Hubby couldn't work so I hired him on as a babysitter and set out in the storm to sign up for the Belly Dancing class.. I am now officially enrolled! Class is every Monday night from 6-8pm. They DO put on a show at the end of the year.. but it is 'optional'! Thank God!

I only ran 1 mile this morning.. but broke another personal record. 14:20!! It felt good.. I did my weights and am now settling in for a long day of cleaning the kids room! Ick. The unknown is terrifying in their room... Is that jam? Oh God, why is that wet? When did we have spaghetti??

My toothache has gone away... as long as I don't eat anything sweet.. or cold. Ok, so it hasn't gone away.. but the pain is manageable until we have the money to see a dentist. Thanks for all the well wishes.. personally I would rather be giving birth then suffering from a toothache!


Fatinah said...

do the belly dance show. you will not believe how empowered you will feel after it is done. I have performed....6 times I think....and the rush you get when you're done - oh, my! do it. Be Nike. Just Do It!!!
Meanwhile - way to go getting out there to sign up for the class.
One thing though - dads don't "babysit". They parent! HAHAHAHA!!!! Oh, and awesome work breaking your record! And without the 'roids the olympians use! ;-)

P.O.M. said...

I can't wait to hear about the belly dancing. I'm sure you'll have some fun blogs about that. Do we get pictures????

Critter said...

Glad the tooth is feeling better. I can't wait to hear about the belly dancing! It sounds like fun.