Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 125: 195

It is freezing, its BELOW freezing here. I walked outside to get firewood and I could see steam rising from my skin. (I had just worked out!) I have no plans on stepping out that door again today. The HIGH today isn't even going to go above freezing... ugh, I hate winter.

The good news is that tomorrow baby girl and I will be taking a mom/daughter trip to the city which means 30 degrees warmer!! Big sister and daddy are going to spend some quality time out on Papa's ranch. I think I might take baby girl to the zoo while we are down there. We are going down tomorrow afternoon and coming back on Sunday night. Plenty of time to shop, play and visit friends! yahooooo!

I walked 3 miles this morning and did an upper body weight regimen. I have to get this house clean, do laundry and pack a bag. OH!! And tomorrow will be 18 wks since I started... another 6 weeks and it will make my 6 months!! I hope I can lose a lot more by then!


P.O.M. said...

I'm over winter too - the dark evenings, the cold. Done. Through! (And it doesn't even get that cold here, but cold enough for me)

Have fun tomorrow!

Cara said...

the winter is my least favorite season and I live in California. haha.

Good job on keeping with your program!

Laura N said...

Keep at it.... I hope you have a great time with your daughter. Sounds like fun.

I am so ready for spring, too. I hate January. At least we're half way through.

Jessica said...

Have fun in the "big city"!!