Saturday, January 05, 2008

The site (General Mills-run) is giving out free samples of the original Fiber One cereal. As you probably know, Fiber One provides 57% of the average adults daily fiber requirement, has 0 grams of sugar and 60 calories per serving.

To receive a sample you must sign up for the Eat Better America
newsletter. The newsletter is an e-mail that is sent out once per
It provides recipes and tips for people to start living healthier

To receive the sample and sign up for the newsletter, Click Here!!
Most Americans get about half of the recommended 25 grams of fiber each day. With Fiber One® cereal, it's easier than ever to increase your daily fiber intake. Try using these 10 simple tips to help reach your fiber goals.

1)Scan for Bran
Look for “bran,” “whole grain” and “whole wheat” on product packages and ingredient labels. These ingredients can help boost fiber intake.

½ cup Fiber One cereal = 13g fiber

1 cup Fiber One Honey Clusters® = 13g fiber

2) Grab the Whole Food
Munch on a whole piece of fruit, in place of drinking a glass of juice. You’ll get the nutrients and the fiber too.

1 medium apple = 3g fiber

3) Savor the Skins
Eat fruit and vegetables with the skin on. Eating the skin helps to bump up the fiber, plus it provides texture and a bonus of other nutrients.

1 medium baked potato with skin on = 4g fiber

4) Screen for Beans
Replace your typical side dishes with high-fiber dried peas and beans, such as kidney, pinto, lentils or black-eyed peas. These fiber-packed legumes make it easier to meet daily fiber goals.

½ cup canned red kidney beans = 8g fiber

5) Go Nuts
Jazz up salads, vegetables, snacks and desserts with almonds, sunflower seeds or soy nuts. Nuts and seeds add fiber and fun-to-chew crunch to foods.

1 ounce roasted almonds = 3g fiber

6) Be Berry Wild
Choose raspberries, blackberries and boysenberries to add variety to your cereals. These berries have twice the fiber of many other fruit selections.

½ cup fresh raspberries = 4g fiber

7) Bring on the Brown
Use brown rice instead of white. Switch to whole-wheat pasta, whole-wheat flour whole-wheat breads and whole-grain crackers instead of regular white versions.

1 cup brown rice = 3g fiber

8) Skip the Chips
Select snacks that are a good source of fiber. Instead of potato chips, go for low-fat popcorn, whole-grain pretzels or oven-crisped whole-wheat pita triangles.

3 cups popcorn = 4g fiber

9) Drink Up
Water is a healthy beverage choice—especially as you up the fiber. Your body needs more water to help process the added fiber you eat.

Aim for eight 8-oz glasses of water each day.

10) Sneak in Some Fiber One® cereal
Mix Fiber One cereal into your favorite side dishes or top yogurt, salads or oatmeal. Even a small amount of Fiber One cereal makes a difference.

¼ cup Fiber One cereal for sprinkling = 7g fiber


Grumpy Chair said...

I add it to my oatmeal, but first put it in the food processor and make crumbs out of it.

Fatinah said...

that's a whole lotta fibre info for so early in the morning - and not a moment too soon - now I'm going to go make my high fibre oatmeal! Great post missy - THANKS!!

Jill said...

Wow! So informative - thanks!! :)