Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 131: 194

Well, I tried those 'skinny' jeans on and they still don't zip up.. but they are getting close! I am hoping that by my birthday in April I will be able to wear them out on the town!!

Hubby went to a Karate class last night to see if he would be interested in taking it. He said he really liked it and wants me to go to tomorrow nights class to see if I would want to do it too. I haven't done Karate since I was 17 ... and am a little nervous to do it again.. but there is a little bit of excitement mixed in there as well. If I do start doing this with Hubby it would mean my schedule would include Belly dancing on Mondays and Karate on Thursdays and Saturdays. Good grief, if that doesn't get me to lose weight then I don't know what will!!

I did my HIIT cardio this morning and a full body weight workout. Tomorrow is a day off, which is good if I have to do Karate in the evening.


Cara said...

Good luck at karate! I am sure you will do great.

I did judo/jui jitsu for a year and a half. I miss it so much. I can't afford it though. In college it was only 40 bucks for a few months now it is 95 a month. EEk.

Tell us all about it! I want to know how it goes ;-)

P.O.M. said...

That would be so fun to do together. The only "sport" I can get the Captain to do is play tennis and that's only when we're on vacation. ha ha.

Mama Bear June said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Congrats on the incredible progress.
Path to Health

Mamacita Chilena said...

that's a really touching story. it's amazing what coaches/mentors/trainers can be-they really can be so important in our lives and most of the time I think they don't even realize it.

congrats on going back to doing martial's never too late! my mom joined a Kung Fu class when she was 42. Now she's 48 and she's still at it, almost a black belt! She says its her secret to saying fit and thin in her "old age".