Monday, October 16, 2006

Good Morning

For the first time in weeks, my children finally slept all night!! WOOOHOO. I FEEL GREAT! What a difference a couple hours of sleep makes. I had a great workout last night and am a little bit sore today... but ready for my morning run. 2 miles!

I am going to make a chart today of my weight and measurments. Every monday will be a weigh-in day.. and every 4th monday will be a measurement day. That way I can keep track of pounds and inches! I will keep it posted so all can see.

One Day At A Time... my new moto.

I am praying that the weather stays nice thru tomorrow so I can take the girls on another trail walk.. it is such a great workout and the girls LOVE getting out there. My 1 yr old is just barely talking, and one of the most common phrases is "Whats That?" ... the entire walk all I see is her arm sticking out of the stroller and pointing at EVERYTHING and saying... 'WHATS THAT!!!'. LOL.. and my 3 yr old answers her in her own toddler language. It is really quite entertaining!

So ... if all goes well today, I shall get my run in and a little cardio dancing in with the kids! Lots of cleaning to do to.. so that should burn alot of calories!!


Shauna said...

howdy there! thanks for your lovely comment today! and of course best of luck with your own adventures, i'll be checkin' in :)

~nattie~ said...

it is so great to pop in and see your awesomely positive attitute and outlook on life! i have no doubts that you'll achieve your goals, girl! aaaaaahhhhhh.......... a good night's sleep....... you have 3 little angels? because you mention a 3 year old and a one year old and i see you in a picture with an infant. you got your hands full. but i'm sure the joys are immense. enjoy the day!