Sunday, October 15, 2006

One day at a time...

This weekend was great! I stuck to my diet.. I even invited my mom over for lunch for her birthday and made everything low fat, low sugar!! I even made a Pineapple Angel Food cake for her! Kempo was a fair workout on saturday, but I am going to do triple tonight. I have a 4 mile run , 30 min upper body strength and conditioning, and 30 stretch and meditation. I am actually looking forward to the sweating!!

So, if you know me, you know that I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ. This morning in church , after playing the drums for the praise band, I had a revelation. The sermon was about living your life , as well as giving your life, to God. In part of his sermon, he was talking about eating. Every time we eat, we should praise God. Most people would know this as 'Grace'. Although I usually do this, it hit me that I dont do it when I snack... or eat desserts. This made me think that maybe I should quit being so selfish about food and dieting... although God has blessed me with the money to buy all these great treats... does he really want me to binge all the time? make my body fat? NO... he wants me to be healthy and happy... with this in mind.. I am going to start paying a little more attention to what and when food goes in my mouth.

I think sometimes it takes the smallest hints to finally get it lodged in my brain!! I'm a blonde... thats expected! LOL Speaking of hair.. a funny story... I was blow drying my hair this morning and realized that no matter what I did my hair would only part where this huge grey streak is growing. So ... another revelation... I am getting old (grey is proof) and am just going to accept the fact that grey streaks are just darn right cool!!!

My plan for this week

Monday: Walk 2 miles

Tuesday: Walk 4 miles, upper body conditioning

Wednesday: Boxing, walk 2 miles

Thursday: Walk 4 miles, upper body conditioning

Friday: Walk 2 miles

Saturday: Kempo

Sunday: Walk 4 miles, upper body conditioning

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