Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Truth

Did fairly well yesterday. Ran 2 miles in the morning and did my 50 sit-ups... I should have done another mile last night.. but had a little touch of what felt like the flu. I think it was just my body telling me to get some sleep. Luckily, last night my girls slept pretty good. We were up at 6am.. but that is better then 3am. I am ready today to run my 1 mile this morning and do some good stretching.

I had posted a pic of me with a newborn baby... that picture is 3 years old.. snif,snif. That is my 3 yr old daughter Amber... I just love that pic of me. That was the last time I fit into those jeans. So.. that picture is the reason I am writing 'The Truth'. I realized that most of you do not know what I look like NOW. The pictures I post are my favorites... for mostly one reason.. I LOOK GOOD IN THEM. So here is what I look like right now.

The fact that I have this picture on my computer.. is unthinkable.. but I do. Anyway.. this is me at 208lbs..

The other truth.. is that one of my many reasons for losing weight.. is so I can wear my husbands clothes... I know.. weird.. but I love to wear his shirts.. especially when he is working out of town. Right now I can only wear his t-shirts that stretch.. but one day soon... I'll be looking sharp in his 20X shirts baby!!

Anyway, I feel good about my diet today. I have energy to run this morning, and food is not the first thing I think about these days. So... as one of my fellow bloggers likes to say...... Onward and Downward.


Anonymous said...

I cannot tell you how proud I am of you...You have not told all these people how you inherited the genetic trait to be the "F" word !! Your Mamaw had a few pounds on her, and we all know how I have had to fight the battle {which I now seem to be losing}. Keep up the good work..sending love and hugs, Aunt j

Tammy said...

Your motivation is inspiring! (Yes, even to the skinny people!) Just because a person is "thin" doesn't mean they are in good shape! I am sure you could out run me, gosh, out WALK me, any time! After one of your walks in the park stop by my place for a healthy lunch. I make a mean salad!
Keep going!

Jodi said...

15 minute mile? I couldn't do that when I was doing PT at boot camp!!!
I know I've been out of shape for a while but, jeez, how do you do that?

You are definitely making me feel like a slug, and want to keep up with you... what are your favorite workout videos? love you, sis

Jill said...

I'm so impressed! You are definately an inspiration!! It's been a few days and you are doing AWESOME it sounds like!! - Jill

Cory said...

I've never really thought about it, but it will be cool to fit in my husbands shirts. He has some tshirts I LOVE!

And thanks for visiting my site today. I feel better after your comment!

Becky Esparza said...

Listen Cheeseboat, I just thought I was retarded and didn't know how to leave a comment! Ok, so it's not me it's you! YOu are not getting old and I know this cuz I am older than you! It sounds like you are doing awesome. I'm doing my one mile on the treadmill every@#@#$ day, and watching what I eat. But I'm also still nursing so that helps A LOT. I don't think my uterus appreciates the running. Keep up the great work.